Basketball: SQBB remain home champions after hard-fought win over Saint-Vallier

SQBB is not difficult at home this season. On Friday, January 20, in a hard-fought matchup to the end, he won (71-66) over Saint-Vallier.

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We can limit Pro B leading scorer Jazzmarr Ferguson to 6 small points and still suffer. In an alternate against Saint-Vallier, SQBB had to wait until the final seconds (71-66) to secure its eighth straight victory at home on Friday, January 20. So it retains the reins of the Pro B.

Coleby shines in his debut

One threat can hide another. Saint-Quentin handles Ferguson well but makes room for Coleby for his first match against Saint-Vallier. He scored 9 of his team’s first 12 points (5-12). Struggling offensively (3 turnovers, 5 assists) and shooting (5-of-15, 33%), SQBB relied on the bench to pick up 2 points after trailing by 7 points (14-16). Forcada keeps Saint-Vallier at +4 at the end of the first quarter (14-18).

Brandon Horvath 5

Provides a bench

Saint-Quentin still struggled in the second quarter, going 2-of-9 in five minutes. But he keeps her on the defensive, allows her to be contacted (19-23). Gillet and Dossou-Yovo each with two errors, SQBB relies on its bench to return to parity, Ajinça ​​(29-29). Back to the dressing room in a counterattack until Ferguson restored the lead to his team (29-31).

In the works of Ajinça ​​and Gomez

In five minutes, SQBB goes from -2 to +10 (45-35). With an address found from a distance (4 of 5, many baskets recorded in 20 minutes), Ajinca and Gomez in training masters. Meanwhile, Saint-Vallier went 0-of-11 on the free throw clock with 4 points on the clock. Then, in the last three minutes, everything turns upside down. Drôme outscored an offensively and defensively weak Saint-Quentin 8-0 and pulled back to within 6 points as the final quarter approached (50-44).

Terrell Gomez 2

Effective vest at the right time

SQBB can once again rely on their distance address (+14, 58-44) to create a significant gap. But with another series, Saint-Vallier remains on the heels of its evening rival (59-53). Fabien Ateba, who has been in finesse since the away kick-off, is setting the sights and rocking the gym. Fortunately, Gillett has the answer (66-61). The so far silent captain is also adept at free throws (8 points) to ensure his team’s success. Even if he suffered until the end, he spent the end of the game at the line of scrimmage. SQBB didn’t shine, but they did (71-66) and are undefeated at home this season.

Benoit Gillet



(14-18, 15-13, 21-13, 21-22)

Pierre-Ratte sports center in Saint-Quentin. 2930 spectators. Judges: Madam. Hosselet, Roux and Mme Coanus.

: 24 of 62 shooting (39), 12 of 32 from 3 (38), 11 of 19 free throws (58), 21 fouls, 38 rebounds (Pfister 11), 22 assists (Gillet 6), 5 interceptions, 12 turnovers. Collective rating: 80 (Pfister 15).

Goals: Gomez 12, Horvat 5, Gillet 8, Ajinca ​​10, Dossou-Yovo 10, then Schwartz 7, Pfister 7, Boucaud 7, Djimrabaye 5.

: 21 of 60 shooting (35), 6 of 23 from 3 (26), 18 of 21 free throws (86), 19 fouls, 43 rebounds (Coleby, Forcada 9), 17 assists ( Forcada 5), ​​6 interceptions, 14 lost balls. Collective rating: 77 (Coleby, Forcada 19).

Goals: Ferguson 6, Facey 6, Coleby 17, Forcada 8, V. Ateba 0, then Tortosa 0, Paschal 3, Thomas 14, F. Ateba 12, Labouize 0.

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