Basketball – N1: Rouen were solid in Besançon

Rouen Métropole Basket consolidated their leadership status with a win on the court of Besançon after a tense match on Friday, January 20, 2023. Sylvain Delorme’s men made the difference in the second half and overcame a slight scare at the end of the game…

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Rouen should not expect an easy match against Besançon, who have won six of the last seven days. As expected, nothing was easy for the championship leader, who continued on his merry way with victory on the banks of the Doubs.

MM. Lohezic and Carrow had decided from the outset to whistle every contact. So much so that the scoreboard looked like a Christmas tree at halftime. 14 for Besanson, 17 for Rouen and a number of players already full of mistakes: Gassaud (11), Fortas (15) and Eboh (18) on the Norman side, three mistakes for Hawmmond (17) and Bucaud (19) !

Prost recalls fond memories of Besançon

It didn’t help the flow of the game, obviously chopped up by too many shots (only 34 in the first half!). And if RMB led going back to the locker room (44-48, 20th) after a good pass from Gourari, they also chased the score for a good part of the time, with Boucaud and Riley Besançon well on their way. (16 -10, 7, then 28-23, 12). But by strengthening his defense and with the help of the skill of Thomas Prost, he returned to a room he knew well to be involved in 2019-2020, and Sylvain Delorme’s troupe fell into the hands of Andell Cumberbatch’s good start. game in the second quarter, despite a seven-point drive (three points from Boucaud with a shot after an unsportsmanlike foul by Chouane, then three points from Valaire)!

Gourari puts out the fire

At this speed, with an always good edge address performed by Prost and Injai, the Rouennais dug the first break of the game (49-58, 25). The young leader Kanouté, who has been very attractive in recent weeks, has been living a nightmare (6 turnovers and -1 in the evaluation after three quarters) and Besançon, the target of the whistle, lost his temper as he whistled a technical foul on coach Joseph. Kalambani (65-76, 32).

But it roused the 1,100 Besançon crowd and especially Kanoute, who, before Elechi’s basket, fired up his team with eight consecutive points to make it 10-0 (75-76, 37). But there was a firefighter in the ranks of SPOR. Gourari in the left corner put out the fire with the winning shot (75-79).

“We made the task a little more difficult, but we showed character” sighed Sylvain Delorme, not unhappy to come out of this trip unscathed. In defense of Mensah and killing Cumberbatch (“It brings density, activity with a great state of mind,” dixit Delorme) proved invaluable in maintaining the benefits of a fifteenth victory in twenty days.

Besançon – Rouen: 77-87 (44-48)

(23-19, 21-29, 19-25, 14-14)

Judges: MM. Lohezic and Carrowm. Audience: 1100.

BESANCON: 26/57 shooting (including 8/28 3-pointers), 17/24 LF, 37 rebounds (Vallayer 11), 17 assists (Riley 5), 28 free throws, 28 fouls. Winner: Knezevich (33rd).

Starting at five: Kanouté 12 points, Boucaud 12, Hawmmond 3, Elechi 11, Riley 19, then Bobois, Knezevic 8, Valaire 6, Ignakpelila, Ad 6.

ROWEN MB: 28/65 shooting (including 11/27 three-pointers), 20/26 LF, 34 rebounds (Gourari 7), 21 assists (Mensah 7), 21 free throws, 24 fouls.

Starting at five: Mensah 8 points, Gassaud 7, Gourari 18, Lobela 2, Injai 7, then Fortas 11, Choua 6, Prost 14, Nkounkou 2, Cauwet, Cumberbatch 9, Eboh 3.

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