Aubusson: Towards the End of Music at the heart of the Tapestry festival?

The Tapestry Center Music Festival organized by the Friends of the Aubusson Organ Association suffers from covid, the wear and tear of time, the restrictions that now affect festivals and a lack of volunteers.

The decision that came into force on January 27?

The suspension of the festival is to be celebrated on Friday, January 27, at the Maison Saint-Vincent in Aubusson, on the occasion of the general meeting of the Friends of the body, which must suspend the festival but cease to operate. For years, in addition to the festival, he has offered concerts in the church of Sainte-Croix, which he intends to keep.

For several years, the association has been chaired by Frans Avril. Choirmaster of the Cantate en Fa, Choir of Aubusson-Fellet, animator and director of the Chœur Éphemère he created, he succeeded at the helm of the Friends of the Organ, founding president André Jorrand and Michel Mazetier.

Franz Avril succeeds Michel Mazetier as the president of the association

Famous festival

The festival has welcomed some of the greatest French musicians over the years, such as Jean-Charles Ablitzer and Claire Desert. At one time, he completed the festival with a national organ course, with the Sainte-Croix church organ as its core. The event gained a wonderful reputation, especially thanks to the impetus of André Jorrand, the creator of the new organ in the church of Aubusson.

Supported by a small group of volunteers, Frantz Avril, with limited financial resources, continued the course. But today he wants to end the adventure.

The heir is not here

Franz Avril explains: “As president of the association, taking over from Michel Mazetier, I made it my priority to do everything possible to continue the festival’s summer concerts. It worked very well in the first few years with a growing audience.”

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Today, I have to admit that the situation has worsened recently, and not only because of the pandemic. I don’t believe in the future of this festival anymore.

He continues: “I also note that there is no one on the board of directors to take over the role of festival director (an important role that involves recruiting the competition of good performers and negotiating contracts) from me.”

Wanting to end his presidency, Frantz Avril announces that he will sit on the board until 2024, but will not stand again.

Without good intentions…

If the goodwill doesn’t show up by January 27, the little festival also seems doomed.

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