5 best electric car interiors

Electric cars take the driving experience up a notch, especially in the luxury segment. However, internal combustion engines, even the quietest ones, are noticeable when accelerating.

Gear changes are also noticeable and can be jarring.

These two problems do not bother EV owners. EV manufacturers know that driving an EV is already a luxury experience. To add to this luxurious experience, some EV manufacturers are creating stunning car interiors that complement the electric motor’s great handling characteristics.

1. BMW i7

Image credit: BMW Group

The BMW i7 is a luxury electric car with the best interior fit for a modern car. Materials are top-notch, but there are also new luxury touches not often seen in a car’s interior.

Glass is used liberally throughout the interior, especially in what BMW calls the Interchangeable Bar. It’s a huge bar that spans the entire front cabin and packs tons of features. Not only does it allow you to control many functions, but it is also very aesthetic.

The surface of the interaction bar is tactile, and you can open doors by flashing hazard warning lights (which illuminate the entire bar dark red when active) or simply touching the glass surface.

It’s nice to see that this car is not only luxurious, but bold in its choice of materials. The glass trim may not be to everyone’s taste, and at worst it can look a little tacky, but it sure is cool.

A huge screen on the front extends from the driver’s side to the side of the climate control controls. But this screen is not the most impressive screen inside the car. That honor goes mostly to the 31-inch BMW Theater screen, the jewel of the interior.

This giant screen moves the entertainment system from your living room to the back screen of your car, but with nicer seats. Watching the built-in Amazon Fire TV while enjoying the massaging function of the rear seats is undoubtedly the most luxurious experience you can have.

There’s also a cinema mode that closes the window blinds and the panoramic roof so you can enjoy your movie in a truly cinematic way.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan

mercedes mbux hyperscreen display infotainment system full electric ex home
Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is another ultra-luxury German EV sedan that stands out for its stunning interior. Like the BMW, the build quality is amazing, but the Mercedes stands out with its giant screen (actually three screens under one piece of glass) called the Hyperscreen.

If you love futuristic interiors, it doesn’t get any better than this. Mercedes took the opposite approach to luxury that Tesla would choose. Tesla is a minimalist luxury company, but Mercedes has thrown minimalism out the window in favor of excess and opulence.

Hyperscreen features OLED technology on select screens for stunning contrast ratios. The EQS sedan even gets a dedicated screen for the passenger, which should be standard in most cars.

Thanks to the passenger display, the non-driver can use excellent functions such as radio control and ambient light adjustment. If you are looking for a traditional Mercedes interior combined with super futuristic technology, this electric car is perfect for you.

The EQS sedan is also available in an AMG version, making it one of the most efficient electric vehicles on the market.

3. Tesla Model S quilt

Model S steering column Plaid
Image credit: Tesla

The Model S Plaid is extremely fast, we all know that now. But the Model S Plaid offers more than 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 200 mph.

Plaid has made great strides in interior design and finishing. Tesla has been criticized for its interior quality, and the Plaid is not immune (the yoke’s steering wheel is reportedly deteriorating rapidly). The fact is that it is a wonderful place to live.

If you buy the Model S Plaid, the Ultra White vegan leather interior is a must. It might not be the easiest interior to clean, but the color fits the Tesla’s minimalist theme perfectly.

The white contrasts perfectly with the black accents of the interior, including the futuristic yoke. You can even play games on the Tesla’s big screen, which is a really cool feature. In general, Tesla is a leader in what can be called futuristic luxury.

4. Hummer EVs

Interior view of the new Hummer EV
Image credit: GMC

If you like larger-than-life cars, the Hummer EV is hard to beat. Its interior is also a stunning place with many unique touches that give it a solid luxury feel.

The Hummer is available with an interior theme called Lunar Horizon, and the Tech Bronze accents are nice, if a bit garish. But what’s really cool is that Hummer manages to combine solid utility with luxury, a unique kind of luxury that sets it apart.

For example, the Hummer EV has heavy floors with lunar themes incorporated into the design. The result is a super cool look and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the mats while off-roading. The dynamic grille also features designs inspired by the lunar surface, giving the interior a futuristic touch.

5. Clear weather

The Lucid Air is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, but the interiors of the two cars have completely different approaches to luxury. Tesla is a minimalist dream and its interior is cold and futuristic.

In contrast, the Lucid Air is warm and even a little retro. The door panels are covered with a very plush fabric, which gives the interior a warm atmosphere. Another striking feature of the Lucid interior, which is becoming less and less common in luxury cars, are actual buttons for the air conditioning fan speed, as well as a physical dial for the radio volume.

Both of these are indispensable inside the car, and automakers need to realize that no matter how futuristic they try to make the cabin look, touch surfaces are a terrible way to adjust the radio volume and fan speed.

So the inclusion of these physical controls is a real breath of fresh air in a segment dominated by touchscreens. Another impressive aspect of the Lucid Air’s interior is that the front seats are painted in a different color than the rear seats.

This is a unique touch that gives personality to the Lucid Air’s interior and is very rare in the automotive world.

Electric cars are revolutionizing the luxury interior

Electric cars have taken the luxury experience to a new level in terms of driving experience and electric car manufacturers are also creating the best interiors for modern cars.

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