Why is Citroën falling so much in France and Europe?

But where does the chevron mark go? According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), Citroën has only 3.3% of the European market. Even 2.3% in December 2022 alone. The firm surpassed 4% in 2019, 5% in 2013, and 6% in 2010, the year before Covid. In France, Citroën painfully reached 8.5%. It was against 10.5% in 2015. In 2010, the company was close to 15%! Biggest humiliation: Citroen was beaten by Dacia last year… in Europe and also in France. Renault’s low-cost subsidiary now sells 100,000 more than Citroën on the Old Continent, and a thousand more in France. “They knocked us off the podium in France,” laments the brand’s Southwestern salesperson.

In addition, Jerome Gautier, Citroen’s commercial director for France, will leave his position in 1.er February. Even if the brand says there’s no connection, dealers see a clear cause-and-effect relationship. The same Jérôme Gautier admitted last November at a conference organized by agents (reported by the Journal de l’automobile) that the market share should naturally be between 10-11% in France. 2022 will be the worst year since 2001, when data compiler AAA Data published the numbers. Even worse: the small Citroën C3, which was released in 2016 and will be replaced at the end of the year, loses third place in the French market. model), in favor of Dacia Sandero, placed between Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio! According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the French manufacturer registered 375,578 new cars (-15.7%) in Europe last year, including 129,883 (-19.8%) in France after PFA (Platform Car).

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