Twitterrific for Mac has been suspended from the Twitter API, just like the iPhone and iPad apps, after an unexplained ban.

Twitter has been blocking popular third-party clients from accessing the social network since last week. This caused Tweetbot, Fenix ​​and many other programs to stop working. Unfortunately, Twitter prefers to continue banning third-party apps from its platform for no apparent reason, as the popular Twitterrific for Mac has also been suspended from Twitter’s official API.

Update: Twitter has just confirmed that it will no longer allow developers to use the Twitter API to build third-party apps for the platform. You can read more about it here

Twitter has now banned Twitterfic from using its API

The Mac version of the app lost access to Twitter’s API on Thursday afternoon, according to Twitterrific’s own developers. Unsurprisingly, the social network did not provide any explanation as to why the app was banned from using the API.

“As of this afternoon, Twitterrific for Mac has been suspended from Twitter without explanation,” the developer said. he said in his tweet. Responding to some Twitterrific users, the developers also said Twitter was “actively hostile” towards them.

On January 12th, many Twitter users noticed that their third-party clients were returning error messages related to the Twitter API. This widespread outage occurs in many third-party Twitter clients for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. A few days ago, the Twitterrific app for iPhone and iPad was already banned from using the Twitter API.

Earlier this week, Twitter stated in no uncertain terms that it was “now enforcing long-standing API rules.” But actually, developers are in the dark because Twitter doesn’t provide any details on why these apps are banned from using the API.

A deliberate decision by Twitter

information have heard from sources that access to third-party Twitter applications has been deliberately blocked. The developers discovered later The company has banned API access for specific clients like Tweetbot and Fenix, as other less popular apps continue to work. The main reason may be that these apps don’t serve ads to users, which hurts Twitter’s ad revenue.

Twitter is also trying to find other ways to protect revenue after Elon Musk took ownership of the company. The Twitter Blue subscription has become more expensive and now offers a verified blue badge to attract users. As the Social Media Consultant points out Matt Navarrethe platform also offers a discounted annual Twitter Blue plan to entice people to subscribe.

Like ads, Twitter Blue is not available to users of Twitter’s third-party clients, which may have prompted the company to ban those apps.

Unfortunately, this situation is disrespectful to developers and users. Twitter was built around third-party apps, and now those developers have no idea what’s going to happen next with their apps. At the same time, many Twitter users who prefer to use (and even pay for) third-party apps don’t have a choice.

At the moment, Twitter is still denying the details of why these apps are banned from using the social network’s official API.

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