Music, theatre, dance… Here’s what awaits you for the second part of the cultural season of La Croisée in Saint-Maximin

He had never carried his name so well. With its winter-spring program, the Maximonoise theater proves that it is truly… at the crossroads of art. Do you swear by music? Come and try the dance performances. Do you only support classical theatre? Let yourself be seduced by a famous piece. The dates are many, the program is eclectic.

1. Place for theater, humor, actors

Programming gives pride to actors. There will be good people for shows that promise to be rich in misunderstandings: Danielle Gilbert great heat Laurent Ruquier on March 5 or Jean-Pierre Castaldi StepfathersApril 16.

Humor always with local residents Christophe Basclo, January 21 and Yves Pujol, April 29 with one-man shows. Art is more than just entertainment and provides a glimpse into society and our history.

So, Girls with yellow hands on February 4 will honor the mobilization of French women during the First World War. Women will once again be in the spotlight thanks to Maximinoise Chrystelle Channels, which together with Milouchka will expose all violence against women on March 19.

On April 21, the Artscenium company will invite us to a ball game that will immerse the public in the suffering of the Algerian war and ask delicate questions of identity.

2. Culture comes in festivals

This year, the Croisée des arts presents its first contemporary music festival.

On the weekend of May 5th and 6th, the current music department of the Conservatory puts the little amplifiers on the big ones… Workshops, masterclasses, meetings, concerts and headlines! Come and witness the birth of the festival!

In the same month, the operation “Dance what you want in May” is renewed.

From the presentation ceremony on Wednesday, May 24 to the closing of the festival on Sunday, May 28, La Croisée des arts will live to the rhythm of the performances of various companies.

Different styles and themes, shows for all ages, don’t you think you understand anything about the art of dance? They will prove you wrong.

Once they are confident, the public will be able to learn to move their bodies themselves thanks to hands-on workshops open to all. Well, now dance!

3. Send the music!

Artist Jehro will present his “bohemian spirit” at the opening of the ball on February 11. On April 7, world music again with the mixed notes of singer Cuarte Tafi.

Sanseverino, the star of the program, will play in a trio on March 10, a few days after the Cathy Heiting quintet. On April 15, the stage will be filled with a concert “Four choruses a world”.

“Sunday Classics” On February 26, Caliente Quartet will present tango and on March 26, Arc’en Cello will present different styles.

4. Painting, photography: many exhibitions

Cats may one day conquer the world… In the meantime, they are the stars of the first exhibition of the year on the Croisée des arts. Artists from the Art Archipelago had a field day to represent them. It will be reviewed until January 19. Then go to Fabio Forgione’s world, travel from Marseille to Crete with Julien Intertaglia, discover Cathy Jouvène For’s “self and other places”… The exhibitions will continue until August.

5. Meetings with the artists of the Conservatory of Green Provence

1,200 students, fifty-five teachers… Intercommunity conservatory is an institution for future artists who will reveal their talents throughout the year. First meeting: January 27 Conservatories Night. Dancers, musicians, actors… They will delight your eyes and ears.

Prestige subscription: €55
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