Vincent Gérard is impenetrable, Melvin Richardson is leaping

French goalkeeper Vincent Gerard TOMASZ MARKOWSKI / REUTERS

TOPS/FLOPS. If the French team beat Montenegro (35-24) on Wednesday, it owes it especially to its goalkeeper and right wing defender.


Vincent Gerard mural

15 stops with 45% success. With a quarter of an hour to go, Vincent Gerrard wore the smile of a goalkeeper who had just put in a great performance as he let Rémi Desbonnet through. It would logically earn him man of the match. Among the various feats of arms of the day, the last French fort was particularly impressive when he diverted three four-by-seven-metre jets, thus dismaying the Montenegrin gunners. Still not forgetting the brilliant parade on a kung fu inspired by Montenegro, but tripped over the wall. Since the start of this World Cup, Vincent Gérard has already been brilliant, but a bit intermittent. Apparently, he decided to raise his voice as the main round approached.

Melvyn Richardson’s Pretty Round Account

Melvyn Richardson had one of his best performances of the selection, even with a seven-yarder that ended with a last-gasp failure. Often struggling so far, living up to his full potential with the blue jersey on his back, he may have found a famous reference matchup that could act as a mental trigger this Wednesday. Barcelona’s right-back, who is sharp in interval shots, started with the first missed shot. Which is usually not a very good sign about him. But not tonight. At the back, he rallied again to score a very quality 10 from 13. And promising a position for the future, let’s remember that Dika Mem is still suffering from an absence from the stands due to an abdominal contracture.

Courtesy of Guillaume Gille

In this World Cup, matches follow each other and organizations suffer. France have already paid a heavy price for injuries early on – with seven players confiscated – Valentin Porte and Luka Karabatic absent from the first leg – and Dika Mem’s injury. Suffice it to say, this clear success in Montenegro comes as a boon to Guillaume Gille, who has been able to fearlessly rotate his manpower over the last quarter, notably giving the by now in-demand Nikola Karabatic some breathing space. Thus, apart from Vincent Gérard, in the less influential position of goalkeeper, no outfield player spent more than 35 minutes on the floor of the Tauron Arena. If all goes well, the French coach should be able to carry out the same squad review against Iran on Friday.


There was not enough success in shooting on the French side

Although the first two matches against Poland and Saudi Arabia were quite convincing in this area, the French team has struggled since then. Especially in the first period. As against Slovenia two days ago, the Blues joined the dressing room with a 57% success rate. Like Ludovic Fabregas, who missed his first two shots before reacting well. Kent’s Mahe also fluctuated between flashy and overly individual in his shot attempts (3 of 6 on the first drive). Even with France’s success eventually rising to 64%, the Blues shouldn’t always wait for the second act to set their sights.

Branko Vujovic is in the middle of a nightmare

Before this match, Branko Vujovic was clearly identified as enemy number 1. Since the start of the World Cup, he has scored 25 goals in 37 shots, a very good 68% success rate for the back, and was ranked 3rd in Montenegro. goal scorers. But he should be withdrawn after a very thin performance against the Blues on Wednesday. Especially during the first move, which is completed in 1 out of 6 shots. The second half will be a little better (2 out of 4), staying away from what they are capable of (just 3 goals). Now his coach kept him on the field for only 40 minutes, there was a great demand in the first round. Which explains that with a very good French defense on him, this evening is quickly forgotten.

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