“Real Madrid rarely lose two games in a row”

Villarreal coach Quique Setien is very wary of Real Madrid as the two clubs approach their Copa del Rey round of 16 clash tomorrow night.

The technician of the yellow submarine spoke at the press conference and said that he expects a particularly controversial match, especially due to the latest elements on the Casa Blanca side.

injuries and absences. And Foyth?

It is true that we are unlucky with injuries. We know that some players are injured longer and some less. In some cases we think we can get them back, but until tomorrow we will see how they develop and how we will complete the starting line-up and the bench. We will also rely on the players of the substitute team.

A tense game

All games should be tight for us and for the players, and they are. There’s no turning back and no room for error because you’ll be left out of the competition. It can increase the concentration and the sense of demand, because you know that if you don’t do it, you can be eliminated, but it is something that the footballer is used to and he takes it as another demand. .

What match awaits him and his fans

We had unconditional support from the fans in the league game and I suspect the same will be true for tomorrow’s game. It will be a tough time as we are playing against a great team and any support will be good for us and help us stay strong. The match against “Real” is always complicated because we know their potential. You’d think they’d be in doubt right now, but that’s a lie, players at this level don’t need to play their best game to get there.

How to prepare for the game

Like them. They, like me, will try to reinforce what they are doing right against us and explain situations where they are superior. The plan, theirs and ours, will be similar, but obviously you see the repetition of the game and you try to repeat what you do well and you try to improve what you do less well. I don’t know if there will be a similar match because there is danger of elimination.

Real Madrid… have you had a bad time?

I always prefer to play against teams that won the day before. Real Madrid very rarely lose two games in a row, so I don’t listen to those who say that Real Madrid are tired or having a bad time. I am sure they will come to win this game. Any wounded animal is more dangerous than a healthy one.

The importance of finishing against Madrid

All good players like Vinicius make a difference, and even when they know it, they’re hard to stop. We’ve all seen great players who score goals, but sometimes you can’t stop them because they’re so good… You can try to minimize that potential, but it’s hard to reverse it. What is clear is that on a general level, Real is a differential team and is better than us, just as we are better than other teams, but in football it is not always decisive. Logic doesn’t always work in football.

If they go through, will they challenge for the title?

There are many teams, we are still far from the target, but we are interested in tomorrow’s match and the matches after that in the league. I do not set myself long-term goals.


I always think that all the players have to be at the highest level so that we can use them when we need them and when we can be really competitive so that the level of the team does not drop. Unfortunately, with injuries and other situations, you have to manage players and positions so that we’re all healthy.

His status within the club

My goal is always to work when I get to places and think I’ll be there for the rest of my life because it helps me put things in perspective. I have my own business, I try to work and not let what happens on the outside affect me, whether I win or lose. I follow the line I draw, that’s what really interests me. I’ve won and lost all my life, and I realize it’s anecdotal because things change from day to day.

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