For Adam Silver, he has the “potential” to be at the “greatest” level of Victor Vembanyama.

Wembanyama, the figure of French basketball for the next few years. Federico Pestellini / PANORAMIC

The commissioner was widely questioned about the “Wemby” case in June this Wednesday, ahead of the NBA game in Paris and months before the 2023 Draft.

Victor Wembanyama is not yet in the NBA but his name is already on everyone’s lips across the Atlantic. “Everyone in the NBA is talking about him, it’s the next attraction“Killian Hayes, who was selected seventh in the 2020 draft, is a record for a Frenchman. The record, which will drop at the end of June, is first promised “Wemby”. “Victor Vembanyama is about to join our League, which is very exciting for us.Adam Silver said in a lengthy preamble before taking questions from reporters in Paris on Wednesday. I heard that he has to participate in tomorrow’s game (Thursday on the Chicago-Detroit Accor Arena boards, Editor’s note). I haven’t met him yet, but I can’t wait to at least say hi.“He’ll be in Bercy on Thursday, according to the NBA commissioner, and he’s not the only Magic Johnson with the same ambition!

The big boss of the North American league continues: “I can’t wait to say hello to him tomorrow. As far as I know, he is not only a great basketball player, a great athlete, but also a good young man, very smart, very loyal. I hope to be able to tell him to take it one day at a time. It’s a cliché, but it’s also true. From what I’ve seen, I’m impressed that he knows he needs to work on his body, his game, his maturity as a player. Even the best players in their thirties would tell you that every summer they work on a new aspect of their game, always improving. This is the greatest recipe.“All while underlining”brotherhoodWithin the CBA, elders serve as mentors to youth.

There are times when I envy the promotion/relegation system.

Adam Silver

Obviously, Adam Silver, “was affected» The 19-year-old refused to favor the team that will have the chance to welcome the French phenomenon in the coming months. “If I had my mind, I wouldn’t give it to you“, he added with a smile, “there is.”no preference“since then”I love all (his) teams“. To see if some club will start a tank operation that involves hooking a Mets player. Consider losing the most games to make the highest draw in the draft.”Tanking? It is not part of the Commissioner’s vocabulary.“Mr. Silver remembers the NBA with a smile”Become Bewarerecalling this kind of phenomenon and the various changes made to prevent it. “There are times when I envy the promotion/relegation system“, joking, thinking”He is quite satisfied with the way things are going“in this regard.

Plus, as Adam Silver points out, from Nikola Jokic to Giannis Antetokounmpo, through Stephen Curry and, of course, Michael Jordan, through the examples he cites, it’s not always the best in the first row. We could also consider Tony Parker, who was selected 28th in 2001.I don’t know who the first draft pick will be. Besides, we’re only in mid-January. The project will take place at the end of June. A lot can happen until then“, he slips in providing what he wants”watch out for this young man because as talented as he is, he hasn’t even stepped foot on NBA floors yet, or even been drafted, and he’s already looking great. It was the same for LeBron, who became one of the greatest in history. Victor has the potential to be at that level60-year-old US leader says.

The NBA is hoping for a “Wemby” effect

In terms of impact, the ripple could be huge in France and other markets. “Wembymania” must break quickly. Adam Silver rubs his hands beforehand…”Let’s not put too much pressure on him without even being an NBA player. But if it goes the same way as it has in other markets, it will certainly be a big attraction in France.admits. It will not be only French fans who will want to watch him. I think about Yao Ming. It was a huge attraction in China and even beyond! Fans love great players. We will follow him in France, in Europe. It is of African origin. One can imagine the connections with this continent.»

Meanwhile, Victor Wembanyama will play Marseille side Fos-sur-Mer again this Tuesday for their matchday 18 of the French championship. A match… To watch the NBA app like all the meetings of the French unicorn with the Metropolitans 92. A first in NBA history, the privilege is reserved exclusively for Wembanyama. “That’s what makes sports interesting: you have to try to predict the future, no one else can– says Mr. Gümüş. Wemby’s is already on the map.

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