complete pre-purchase checklist

Looking for a used car, you’ve compared models and picked your favorite. Before you buy, here are our tips to check that everything is in order.

L’buy a used car far from being a trivial act. Indeed, a used car has a history behind it and potential defects that your dealer is not necessarily prepared to reveal.

Therefore, certain checks are necessary before signing the check. We deliver the best tips for driving around the car like a professional and make sure everything is in order.

Second hand car: owner’s tour

The the body the vehicle must be inspected in daylight, dry and observed from all possible angles. Check the presence of shock marks, body panels of different shades, which can betray a past accident. Scratches, windshield damage, or even scuff marks on the underbody can lead to repair costs that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Under the hood, check the oil and fluid levels to check for proper maintenance or leaks. Whitish marks often betray coolant leaks. Also pay attention to the tires: they should be in good condition, with the correct level of wear and without signs of shock or tears that could damage their structure. Check that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and check the condition of the tires.

In Lcockpit, if necessary, remove the seats and check their condition. The condition of the carpets is also an indication of the care taken in maintaining it and avoid the smell of dampness which can cause leakage problems. Check the condition and operation of the doors and windows, not forgetting the hatch.

Used car: on test

Before buying a used car, it is important to try : a step that should not be overlooked. First of all, let the owner drive: this will allow you to detect bad habits that harm the health of the car, for example, a foot constantly standing on the clutch). Check that the engine starts smoothly and idles smoothly. The car should not smoke blue or black when it is cold, and the smoke should not be white when it is hot.

Also check operation of all equipment electrical such as air conditioning or infotainment system. Also check the illumination of all lights: if the bulb is cheap to replace, beware of LED or xenon projectors, which are more expensive to replace.

When testing the car, try to start it in third gear: if it slips, the clutch is out of order, and if it slips when changing gears. Also check that gear changes are done correctly. You should not feel any jerking or see any smoke coming out while accelerating. Then let go of the steering wheel to see if the car drifts to one side or not, then hit it at a speed of about 60 km/h: there should be no suspicious sounds or vibrations on the pedal. Finally, note any abnormal sounds from mechanics.

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Used car: paperwork

Don’t buy a used car without consulting overhaul and repair invoices, even if the seller is a professional. Check that interviews are conducted on time and they prefer cars with full history. Also check the information on the technical inspection report, which should be less than six months old.

On the formalities side, make sure the gray card is in the seller’s name, not a third party’s, by asking for proof of identity. This will avoid any surprises when applying for your new gray card. Also ask the seller to provide you with a Histovec report which gives you a lot of information about the car and above all allows you to. check that there is no foreclosure. It should be less than 15 days.

If everything is fine, what you need to do is a transfer certificate, then the seller announces the sale on the ANTS website, ideally within 15 days to do so with him. He will then be able to give you a transfer code, which will allow you to apply for a new gray card on your behalf: you then have a month to do so and be in good standing.

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