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Butagaz Energy League (J12). Brest BH – Paris 92, this Wednesday (20:30)

Although French men’s handball is now inseparable from the Karabatik brothers, his female counterpart is happy to have the Lassource sisters in their ranks. A trajectory in which the youngest of the brothers is not necessarily destined. “As a child, I didn’t want to play handball or any sport: my mother forced me. For years I didn’t have a choice, but eventually I got hooked,” 23-year-old Déborah Lassource explains with a laugh. His sister, who is seven years older than him (30 years old), showed the opposite approach. “When I was little, she was already close to the stake,” Deborah says of Coralie, who “left home very early.” Later, when the current Paris 92 captain committed to the game, he found himself “with the coaches (Coraline) had before me. Then I was often compared to him, I hated it.”

“He’s moving fast”

Between 2015 and 2017, they will develop together at their training club, Issy Paris (now Paris 92). The captain of BBH, whose appearance will change soon, admits: “Until then, I had not necessarily followed his development.” “When she (Déborah) was the youngest player ever to step foot on the D1 court (at 15 years and 1 month), I realized her potential.” But above all, they are used to meeting face to face. Korali, who left to play in Erd (Hungary) before coming to Brest in 2019, made steady progress, winning numerous medals with the French team, leading up to Olympic gold. For its part, the left rear of Paris 92 was quietly advancing. “From his injury (torn Achilles tendon in 2020), he’s coming on fast. It made him realize some things. It’s amazing what she’s doing,” Coralie says of her sister, who is currently the No. 2 scorer in the Women’s League.

“When we meet, we see it as normal, it’s crazy that we are together in the jersey of the French national team”

Now they are “used to playing against each other”, as they will be at the Brest Arena this Wednesday, they explain, “don’t think about it anymore”. “We know how to put ourselves out there. A match lasts an hour, blood ties are lifelong,” says Korali. “For our parents, it’s more complicated. For them, each of our meetings is special, they really don’t know where to turn: in the end, they are happy for the winner, disappointed for the loser”, Deborah notes with amusement.

Blue life, an “extraordinary” experience

Handball is the same sport that separated them from a very young age and brought them closer together. Called to participate in the last Euro, Deborah experienced the first blue together with her older sister. “It’s already great to be there, but to share it with Coralie is just crazy. When we meet, we see how normal it is, how crazy it is to be with the French national team,” explains the youngest of the two. “It was very strong. It allowed us to form bonds that we might not have developed otherwise because we wouldn’t see each other very often. It will remain engraved. Sharing emotions like that, even if it doesn’t end the way we want it to, is extraordinary,” adds Coralie.

Beneath the blue jersey, the Lassource sisters (pictured centre) shared “unusual” emotions during the last Euros. (Photo FFHandball/Icon Sport)

So for these natives of the Paris region, the prospect of the Paris Games is naturally a “big goal.” “When we set foot there, we definitely keep it in the back of our minds. So, yes, I’m thinking about it, but I know all the work I still have to do to earn my spot,” said Deborah Lassource. The opinion shared by the elder: “If we can play in front of our audience, our families, for our country, it would be great. But there is still a long way to go.” One thing is certain: Lassources does not end with handball. Their younger brother, Killian (16), plays for Massey’s U19 national team. And “she’s so strong,” announce her two older sisters in unison.

BBH without Darleux, Grbic or Kouyaté

International goalkeeper Kleopatre Darleux will not be able to keep his rank against Paris 92 this Wednesday, no longer during BBH’s big win at Most in the Champions League last weekend. There will be a “big fight” in prospect for this meeting. Coralie Lassource, BBH, returned from last weekend’s injury to the reserve, but will not be able to rely on Aissatou Kouyaté, who is still very physically weak. In the same way, Itana Grbic will be missing in the name of the rotation of foreign players in the league.

BBH group:

Foggea, Marinovic, Lassource, Mauny, Toublanc, Delaye, Jaukovic, Fauske, Carlson, Kobylinska, Jarrige, Freriks, Foppa, Bnrnovic.

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