Why the Acer Swift X 14 could be the best PC this year?

Acer unveiled the Swift X 14 at CES 2023. Now that we can get our hands on it, it’s official: it’s the laptop we’re most excited to test.

CES 2023 was not particularly notable for laptops and games. Sure, we discovered a few products that caught our eye, like this Razer Blade with two variable-frequency local definitions, but evolution was to be expected. New RTX 40 series graphics cards for notebooks, bonus Mini LED screens from OLED, a little more on the diagonals… All this will be nice to test, but there are no big surprises there.

A small reference still sticks in our heads: Acer Swift X14. In the middle row as an already interesting brand classic Swift 14 or Swift go 16and next to the great gaming references emblazoned with Nitro and Predator flags, this ultrabook hides a nice secret: GeForce RTX 4050.

Lightness and strength blend…

Now that we can get our hands on it, we’re really starting to believe in the proposition. Acer Swift X 14 is a laptop 14.5 inches diagonal, weighs only 1.55 kg. In the hand, it has the absolute lightness sought in an ultraportable, undeniable with a lightweight aluminum chassis that’s only 17.9mm thick. The whole offer is real ultrabookexcept the laptop hides a phenomenal configuration.

The Acer Swift X 14 actually promises to ship 13th-generation Intel H, not Intel U. Therefore, we will have 14 cores for a TDP of 45W, which promises to send a lot of power. As a bonus, all this will again be combined with the latest generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card. under the label NVIDIA Studio optimized for creative tasks. But of course, like all Studio PCs, it’s possible to switch to video game-optimized drivers. Add to that OLED screen with 2880×1800 resolutionThe 16:10 ratio is moving forward 120Hz refresh rate…and you’re almost at a premium gaming setup. Remember on an ultrabook.

But above all, the reason why the Acer Swift X 14 grabbed us is not that this configuration is possible in an ultrabook. he isWith a price starting from 1499 euros announced that it will not make any serious compromises in its configuration. Where many devices blow out their GPUs to reach this price, The Swift X 14 will offer an RTX 3050 as the entry-level it will fulfill most of the promises of this computer.

… and messing around

There are still some great things about this PC, especially its really wide connectivity 2 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a microSD card reader, a full-size HDMI 2.1 port or Wi-Fi 6E… But of course, there are still shadows. As always with this kind of configuration, we are concerned first possible thermal regulation ; Can the Acer Swift X 14 really handle this heat, or will it have to make big sacrifices in power?

By the same token, the integration of mobile GPUs these days means everything and nothing at the same time. RTX 4050, yes, but at which TGP? The RTX 4050 in a mobile device promises to reach 140 W, but it is difficult to imagine that this computer can use it at full power. Will we experience a small performance loss or a truly sacrificed GPU? It’s hard to say right now.

The same goes for machine autonomy, as it is also one of the unwavering promises of ultrabooks. Acer Swift X 14 promises 29% bigger battery it’s different from the previous model, but that number doesn’t mean anything until the device passes our lab.

Still, on the promise of a device (almost) as uncompromising in its use as in its format, Acer Swift X 14 is one of the most anticipated laptops of 2023.. will be available during Second quarter of 2023and you can be sure that it will be tested on 01net.

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