What are the most fuel efficient hybrid cars?

Often chosen for ease of use and efficiency, not all hybrids are created equal. Here’s a list of our measurements with toy caps as well as the best students in the category!

Why turn to hybrid engines? Of course, to control the consumption, but also because this architecture allows transparent operation, without asking the question of filling. With the internal combustion engine turned off, the small batteries and electric motor(s) are designed to lighten it rather than replace it, so we often don’t get more than a few hundred meters, but overall a simple hybrid is the easiest to consume. less and less polluting than a combustion engine of equivalent power.

Toyota is at the top of the rating

As you know, our rigorous measurement cycles aim to create a benchmark to fairly compare cars against each other. Therefore, the innovations are all subject to the same protocol, tirelessly repeated so that the results obtained are at the same level. And of all the models we’ve passed through, Toyota Yaris remains the undisputed champion with an average of 4.6 l/100 km. Given the brand’s experience in this field, it is not surprising, because Toyota has been really interested in this technology since the late 90s. An interesting detail, the Japanese city car even has the luxury of being the most sober in any category. But what we’ve observed globally with our ranking is that a light car with a reasonable engine consistently performs better than a more efficient car. Electrification or not, no miracles!

Highway, tough terrain for hybrids

While most of the models we measured had very acceptable and even impressive fuel economy in the city, the notable exception being the Subaru Forester, which had an exploding meter With 10.6 l/100 km (average 10 l all round), The Achilles heel of hybrids remains the highway. So, content with a very honest 4.7 l/100 km in the city, the Honda HR-V e: HEV requires no less than 8.5 l/100 km on the highway, which affects its average figure. That’s the case for the Toyota RAV4, which for its size and 218 horsepower surprises with just 4.9 L/100 km in the city, but 8.3 L/100 km on the highway on unleaded. Nothing dramatic, necessarily, but don’t expect to put your shifts on the pump too much if you do long highway trips with the hybrid. Again, it’s all about usage! To find out which of the hybrids sold today will allow you to save the most on a daily basis, see our table below, ranked by weighted average consumption.

Our highest consumption of hybrid cars

Model Cons. medium* Cons. city* Cons. Road* Cons. highway*
ModelToyota Yaris hybrid Cons. medium*4.6 Cons. city*3.6 Cons. Road*4.8 Cons. highway*6.2
ModelHonda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Cons. medium*5 Cons. city*4.1 Cons. Road*5.1 Cons. highway*6.8
ModelRenault Clio 5 E-Tech Hybrid Cons. medium*5.1 Cons. city*4.4 Cons. Road*5.1 Cons. highway*6.5
ModelToyota Yaris Cross 2WD Cons. medium*5.5 Cons. city*4.3 Cons. Road*5.6 Cons. highway*7.8
ModelKia Niro Hybrid Cons. medium*5.6 Cons. city*4.8 Cons. Road*5.6 Cons. highway*7.2
ModelRenault Arkana E-Tech 145 Cons. medium*5.6 Cons. city*4.6 Cons. Road*5.9 Cons. highway*7.0
ModelHonda Civic e:HEV Cons. medium*5.7 Cons. city*5.0 Cons. Road*5.7 Cons. highway*6.9
ModelHyundai Kona 1.6 GDI Hybrid Cons. medium*5.7 Cons. city*5.2 Cons. Road*5.4 Cons. highway*7.4
ModelRenault Captur 2 E-Tech 145 Cons. medium*5.7 Cons. city*4.8 Cons. Road*5.9 Cons. highway*7.2
ModelSuzuki Swift 1.8 Hybrid CVT 2WD Cons. medium*5.8 Cons. city*5.0 Cons. Road*5.9 Cons. highway*7.3
ModelNissan Juke Hybrid 143 Cons. medium*5.8 Cons. city*4.8 Cons. Road*6.0 Cons. highway*7.6
ModelToyota RAV4 Hybrid 2WD Cons. medium*6.0 Cons. city*4.9 Cons. Road*6.1 Cons. highway*8.3
ModelHonda HR-V e:HEV CVT Cons. medium*6.1 Cons. city*4.7 Cons. Road*6.3 Cons. highway*8.5
ModelToyota C-HR 184 Cons. medium*6.1 Cons. city*5.2 Cons. Road*6.3 Cons. highway*7.6
ModelToyota Yaris Cross AWD-i Auto Cons. medium*6.2 Cons. city*5.1 Cons. Road*6.3 Cons. highway*8.1
ModelRenault Austral TCe 200 E-Tech Hybrid Cons. medium*6.2 Cons. city*5.7 Cons. Road*6.0 Cons. highway*7.6
ModelToyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD Cons. medium*6.3 Cons. city*5.3 Cons. Road*6.4 Cons. highway*8.3
ModelHonda CR-V Hybrid 2.0 i-MMD 4×2 Cons. medium*6.4 Cons. city*5.2 Cons. Road*6.4 Cons. highway*8.6
ModelLexus UX 250h AWD Cons. medium*6.4 Cons. city*5.7 Cons. Road*6.2 Cons. highway*8.0
ModelSuzuki S-Cross 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid Cons. medium*6.4 Cons. city*5.8 Cons. Road*6.5 Cons. highway*7.6
ModelNissan Qashqai e-Power Cons. medium*6.5 Cons. city*5.9 Cons. Road*6.2 Cons. highway*8.3
ModelLexus ES300h Cons. medium*6.6 Cons. city*6.1 Cons. Road*6.3 Cons. highway*8.0
ModelSuzuki Vitara 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid Cons. medium*6.6 Cons. city*5.8 Cons. Road*6.6 Cons. highway*8.0
ModelKia Sportage 230 Hybrid 2WD Cons. medium*6.7 Cons. city*5.3 Cons. Road*6.9 Cons. highway*8.9
ModelLexus NX350h Cons. medium*6.7 Cons. city*5.5 Cons. Road*7.0 Cons. highway*8.7
ModelLexus UX 250h 2WD Cons. medium*6.8 Cons. city*6.3 Cons. Road*6.6 Cons. highway*8.4
ModelFiat Tipo Cross 1.5 Turbo T4 Hybrid Cons. medium*6.8 Cons. city*7.1 Cons. Road*6.2 Cons. highway*7.2
ModelFord Mondeo SW 2.0 Hybrid Cons. medium*6.9 Cons. city*6.2 Cons. Road*6.8 Cons. highway*8.3
ModelHyundai Tucson 1.6 T-GDI Hybrid 230 Cons. medium*6.9 Cons. city*5.6 Cons. Road*7.1 Cons. highway*9.1
ModelFiat 500X 1.5 Firefly 130 Hybrid Cons. medium*7.1 Cons. city*7.3 Cons. Road*6.6 Cons. highway*7.6
ModelFord Kuga 3 2.5 FHEV E85 Cons. medium*7.5 Cons. city*6.4 Cons. Road*7.6 Cons. highway*9.6
ModelFord S-Max Hybrid FHEV Cons. medium*7.8 Cons. city*6.7 Cons. Road*7.9 Cons. highway*9.6
ModelAlfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T Hybrid 160 Cons. medium*7.8 Cons. city*8.3 Cons. Road*7.3 Cons. highway*7.9
ModelAlfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T Hybrid 130 Cons. medium*8.1 Cons. city*8.0 Cons. Road*7.8 Cons. highway*9.0
ModelToyota Highlander Hybrid AWD-i 248 Cons. medium*8.5 Cons. city*7.4 Cons. Road*9.1 Cons. highway*9.7
ModelSubaru Forester 2.0 CVT Eyesight E-Boxer Cons. medium*10.0 Cons. city*10.6 Cons. Road*9.5 Cons. highway*9.9

*All fuel consumption is expressed in l/100 km.

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