What are the mid-season results for ADA Blois and Orléans Loiret Basket?

Mid-season report for ADA Blois and Orléans Loiret Basket. Their respective coaches Mickael Hay and Germain Castano give their impressions of the first part of training on the microphone of France 3 Center-Val de Loire.

In the middle of the Betclic Elite and almost Pro B season, France 3 Centre-Val de Loire, Ada Blois and Orléans Loiret Basket take stock of the first part of the season. Blésois are hoping to stay in the elite of French basketball, while the Loirets are hoping to at least move up in the first part of the Pro B table after a disappointing first part of the season.

“We’re where we need to be”, says Blois coach Mickael Hay. His team is ranked 15th Betclic Elite’s position is just above the relegation zone, which has largely satisfied the 48-year-old coach. First-party analysis, which may differ by numbers or dynamics: “With our perfect start and four consecutive wins, we could have hoped for better”the coach recalls.

On the Orléans side, coach Germain Castano is less than satisfied with this first part of the season and 9th place in Pro B after 15 league days: “Especially the first part of the first part of the season is a mess. Our first ten games were average.” A complicated start, especially with unexpected turns in employment.

At the start of the Betclic Elite season, ADA Blois surprised everyone with four consecutive victories, especially against the defending champion Asvel. But after the streak was stopped, the results were worse, especially against Pau-Orthez, which ends this Saturday, January 15, 2023, a terrible streak of eight consecutive defeats.

Asked about this change in dynamics, the technician from Blois has a simple explanation: “Just level. We were extremely capable, with extreme success and reality the wind at our backs quickly returned to us. It’s quite logical, it’s the reality of this championship that we’re the little thumb, every Saturday there are big pieces.”.

Blois, the 17th budget of Betclic Elite, also suffers from large financial gaps between all teams. Thus, his budget is lower than that of OLB, for example, even though he plays in the second division. For the second half of the season, Mickael Hay has no regrets: “We try to have fun, it’s not always easy in defeats. The kids are still receptive, at the end of the season we shouldn’t regret our mood and efforts. On the field.”

At Pro B, the situation is completely different at OLB. The Orleanians had a hard time getting the positive momentum going. The longest winning streak continues with three wins in the last three games. According to Germain Castano, difficulties in chaining good performances due to lack of rigor : “I found it difficult to understand, even in training, we played 20 minutes of a very high level of play, 10 minutes of the fourth division. Sometimes we put our heads down a bit and lack discipline.”.

Diseases that are immediately apparent when corrected: “When everyone is more focused and disciplined, our team is more efficient, that’s obvious. Today we have shorter bursts of concentration than before, so we’re more consistent.”.

He attributes this flaw to youth in high-level sport, but not only: “Pro B is a very tough division. Some people thought they were going to step into the division and fell from the top. So there’s a lack of experience here, but also a lack of knowledge about our division.”.

Germain Castano said he wants to continue insisting on intensity, commitment and will with his players. Elements present in all matches in high-level sports. “It’s normal in skill sports for us to be clumsy at times and skilled at others, but we need to be more disciplined.”remembers

“We often thought we were better, that’s why we were selected, you have to be careful about that.”

Germain Castano, head coach of Orléans Loiret Basket

Lack of continuity in the benefits shown perfectly in certain conflicts. Indeed, OLB beat three of the top four in the championship (Saint-Quentin, Chalon-sur-Saône and Boulazac), but dropped points against teams within reach, notably Denain-Voltaire, Aix-Maurienne and La Rochelle. at home. “Without insulting them, we should have won three more against these teams. The problem is that before we entered the field we thought we were better, which is a big mistake. I often tell players to show and prove that they are better on the field.

As for their end-of-season targets, OLB still hopes to join ADA Blois in the Betclic Elite. On the Blois side, care should not be taken at all costs: “We don’t necessarily have outcome goals. If we stop, that’s great, and if we don’t, it’s far from the end of the world.”, Mickael Hay announces. The ADA coach still expects the best, especially in the defensive sector. “Defensively we have to step forward. We are practically the last defense in the championship, we will try to hide some things and try others.”.

Objective playoff, top nine spot for OLB? “This is the minimum”Continuing Germain Castano answers: “I’m not sure we have the level today to be in the top four or five. We’ll make sure we go forward and get there. Despite a very mixed start to the season, we’ve got the quality to at least get to that level. Make it to the playoffs.”

Two open meetings for ADA Blois this Saturday, January 21 on the Cholet floor and January 27 in Fos-Sur-Mer before hosting Boulogne Levallois and French basketball phenomenon Victor Wembanyama on February 4, 2023. Event to watch live at France 3 Center – Val de Loire.

For OLB, the next match is against Antibes on Saturday January 21 at the Palais des Sports in Orléans.

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