The interview. Artist Michel Larivière dies at 81 in Cherbourg

Michel Lariviere explores synchronicity when creating his works. In most cases, he does not want to think about them in advance, but he leaves room for his unconscious by creating a series of chances that will eventually trigger his inspiration and reveal the pattern of his paintings. (©Cedran DE SAINTE LORETTE/La Presse de la Manche)

“When I was 18, I told myself that when I’m 81, I’d like to say that I’ve stayed true to who I was then. Installed in his studio near the Cherbourg (Manche) golf course, Michel Lariviere is dawning emotion. as it is surrounded by linen mountain with many indicators of different periods of its activityartistremembers stages his long career.

Creation based on intuition

He talks about when he was the master works In the Naval Group, specialty nuclear submarine hullalso Street vendor, Magician after cartoonist For Ouest-France, before being portraitistwatercolorist, mosaicist, committed and inspired artist. It’s about Pierre Teilhard de Charden, Carl Gustav Jung, but also Yi King and synchronicity.

Michel Lariviere regularly stands up and moves several frames to paint floral, watercolor, sea ​​views or is an illustration of its creation based on intuition. He recalls his own spontaneous gestures and techniques at the service of the unconscious. He is currently 81 years olde year, it’s time for assessments, but also for making a radical decision, once again in a life that is not lacking in this.

“I never worry about the future”

News: How were you when you were 18?

Michel Lariviere: I was naughty. I loved life, friends, girlfriends… I loved dancing, singing and making others laugh. I was not gentle. My parents complained that nothing could be imposed on me. I was not bad, on the contrary, they considered me a nice, good boy. My teachers told my parents, “We want to laugh when he’s in class, but we have to punish him! “The last three months for the Navy students, they stuck me for 3 months!

Have you retained that decidedly free and carefree side at 81?

ML: I never worry about the future, although sometimes people or events can cause anxiety. But this sentence that I told myself at the age of 18 has always been in my heart. I thought about this when I left the Arsenal and picked up a VRP card, then went to the gallery in Carteret. I did a lot. I even bought a boiler plant with 50 workers to help some friends. It cost me dearly because it was a failure. Then I paid for everything by painting mobile frescoes with the fiberglass I discovered. In total I did about 1000 m2. I always landed on my feet. I also created a cabaret in Cherbourg with a friend that lasted four years. Even though I sold it, I had a lot of fun doing it. I have always dared in my life.

600 drawings

18 to 81, what’s that? An ending loop?

ML: I’m sure not! There are dynamics from 18 to 81. Then, when I’m 82, I’ll live at my own pace, with the inertia of motion. I will continue my philosophical or spiritual commitments, as well as my Euroka association, which helps two thousand Senegalese children buy school supplies.

What about the exhibitions you produce regularly?

ML: I stop my activity as an artist. I will no longer produce for exhibitions. If I do something, it will be for my own pleasure, like a watercolor.

Videos: currently on Actu

You stop working as an artist, but you still have some drawing stock…

ML: Yes, I have six hundred! (He gets up and walks around his studio). Watercolors from New Caledonia, charcoal drawings from Château de Carneville, abstract paintings, others showing flower bouquets and also canvases by Yi-King, my last exhibition at the Cité de la Mer. Cherbourg, I also watched. On the prison wall in 1994. In 1944, I took up to 70 portraits a day (showing a few they kept). It was a living monument 44 meters long. Talk about it, I’m sure some of you remember it!

Interview by Cedran DE SAINTE LORETTE

Michel Lariviere wants to reduce his stock of paintings and therefore offer as many for sale as possible. They can be seen in his workshop in the village of La Verrerie in the Glacerie sector of Cherbourg. It is best to call 06 61 88 00 50 before passing.

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