Renault sells fewer cars but increases revenue in 2022

According to Fabrice Cambolive, Director of Sales and Operations of the Renault brand, the French manufacturer “would sell more cars in 2022 if it could produce more”. The refrain is becoming known. Because, like its rivals, Renault continues to suffer from the consequences of yo-yo supply and congestion. “Our 9.4% drop in worldwide registrations is explained by our production and delivery capabilities, which remain limited,” Fabrice Cambolive soberly comments, declining to estimate how many cars could be produced if component electronics weren’t so rare.

The exasperated Sales Director is content to repeat that the total of 1,466,729 units (including 832,605 in Europe and 634,124 internationally) is “all Renault can produce and ship in 2022”. In 2018, the brand managed to sell 3.88 million cars worldwide. Even if we set aside about 15% of lost volumes due to the suspension of operations in Russia, this is the fourth straight year of decline for the Renault brand (to distinguish it from the Group of the same name, which combines Renault, Alpine, Dacia and brands). mobilize).

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