Despite declining volumes in 2022, the Renault brand is making progress in electrified vehicles.

On the occasion of the global presentation of its results on January 17, the brand Renault presented The balance for 1,467,000 registered vehicles decreased by 9.4%. To explain this decrease: semiconductor supply limitationsit affected all car manufacturers, especially in Europe.

In addition to this first reading of a rather anecdotal overall result, the Renault brand, on the other hand, confirms several important points of its recovery that began two years ago. Note that the volumes from Russia in 2021 and 2022 are logically excluded from these results due to the withdrawal of the brand after the war in Ukraine. Sales of the French manufacturer worldwide, including Russia, would decrease by -14.6%.

“Renault sold everything it produced in 2022”

“We sold everything we produced in 2022reminded Fabrice Cambolive, chief operating officer of the Renault brand. Production is slowly improving, we are quite optimistic about logistics. Inflation in 2023 was offset by the good resistance of our residual values, which allowed us to reduce rents.”.

Proven growth in the electricity market

The first in the electric car market. The brand, in fact, finds growth in the electrical market. In 2022, Renault will become the third electrified brand (PC market) with sales of more than 228,000 vehicles (+12% compared to 2021). Renault is the third European brand in the electric car market.

In line with its ambition to achieve the greenest mix in the European market by 2025, with more than 65% electrified vehicles in the sales mix, Renault increases its share of electrified sales by +9 points compared to 2021. The E-TECH range (electric and hybrid) currently accounts for 39% of Renault passenger car sales in Europe in 2022, with a market share of around 30%.

The new Mégane E-TECH Electric completes the electric car offer in Europe from the second half of 2022 and immediately becomes one of the most popular electric cars on the retail market with 33,000 sales. In 2023, this model will go on sale outside Europe.

It should be noted that the brand is third in Europe after Toyota and Tesla on the one hand, and Tesla and Volkswagen on the other hand, both in the electrified market and in the all-electric market.

A full hybrid is superior to a plug-in hybrid

At Renault, full hybrid technology is developing with 119,000 units, i.e. +64% compared to 2021. Highly sought after by private customers, this technology accounts for 31% of Clio, 30% of Captur, 65% of Arkana sales and is already the most requested version of the New Austral. In 2022, Renault is the second brand in Europe for the sale of hybrid cars.

It should be noted that in France, the weight of the full hybrid (+34%) exceeded the rechargeable hybrid, which is ten points lower. Faced with the decline of the plug-in hybrid, a full hybrid seems very complementary to a full electric without the charging limitations of a plug-in hybrid.

Healthy distribution of sales between Europe and International

The brand’s sales outside of Europe are 43%, which allows the brand to perform well internationally. And once again, maintaining a balance between sales on the Old Continent and the rest of the world is one of the strengths of the Renault brand.

An outstanding international presence

Outside of Europe, the brand continues to grow in terms of volume and market share in Latin America, where it is the fifth brand in the market. Another good result: Turkey and India. Also a good performance in Morocco, where Renault is the second brand in the country.

With 99,639 cars sold (+22.6% compared to 2021) and market share increasing by +1.7 pt to 12.7%, Turkey became Renault’s 4th market, where our product range perfectly meets the needs of the market. In Morocco, the sales volume increased by 11.4% to 26,385 vehicles, and the market share reached a record of 16.3% (+2.9 points) in the last 10 years. In India, sales fell by 10% and market share by -0.7 pts. Renault remains the leading European brand in the Indian market. In Latin America, Renault grows by 8% compared to 2021 with 283,116 sales. Thanks to the success of the Kwid, the 4th best-selling passenger car in Latin America, sales increased by 26% in Argentina and 30% in Mexico.

Proven strategy in Europe: retail, C segment and electrified market

At the European level, where production is more limited than elsewhere, Renault’s strategy applied Renaulution’s guidelines in three areas: regaining its position in the private market, conquering the C segment and developing electrified models. Renault volume and sales are increasing in these three axes.

Growth in the segments that create the most value

Renault hit its retail sales target, with more than one in every two sales hitting it. The retail sales mix increased by 8 points to 51% compared to 2021, i.e. +7 points compared to the market average. As a result, the market share of retail sales improved by +0.3 pt compared to 2021 and reached 6.1%.

The winner returns to the C segment

Another strategic development point for the brand: the C segment. Renault makes a great turn there. Growth accelerates in the C segment: Renault sales up 21% with more than 200,000 registrations. Arcana’s success continues with more than 80,000 units sold in 2022 (double sales from 2021 with 41,800 units). Still in the same segment in the all-electric version, the Megane E was successfully launched in the all-electric version. Another promising model in 2023: the Austral gets a good start in France and Spain with its hybrid engine.

Stability in a utility vehicle

In the European light commercial vehicle market, Renault rose to the second position with a stable market share of 14.4%. In 2022, Renault completed its LCV range with the New Kangoo electric and the New Master electric, in line with its electrification ambitions and to meet customer expectations. It should be noted that Renault ranks 1st in the van segment and 2nd in the medium/large van segment.

Four launches in 2023 and the Megane E is sold outside Europe

“In 2023, the growth of the Renault brand will be supported by a full year of sales of our unique E-TECH range on the market, Mégane E -TECH Electric and New Austral E-TECH, as well as 4 major launches. great quality, we are proud.” Fabrice Cambolive, chief operating officer of the Renault brand, concluded his opinion.

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