Basketball – Champions League: JDA Dijon

“Must win”, a good old cliché of sports vocabulary. Except this time, it’s true. JDA Dijon have no choice: if they want to continue their journey in Europe this season, they must win at home against the Greek side Peristeri on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Horse first leg
JDA won (89-80), before losing in the return match in Greece (92-88 after overtime). With the advantage of the court in this third decisive match, Jeanne can believe in the chance to reach the “Top 16”. – this is the next round in the Champions League. Details of shares with coach Nenad Markovic and powerful winger Abdoulaye Loum.

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The taste of wonderful evenings

There are ultimately few lopsided games in the basketball season. It’s the luxury of the Champions League, then you have to play the play-offs, the Coupe de France and the play-offs. Strong winger Abdoulaye Loum, already familiar with the European game, is already enjoying himself : “We play basketball for such matches, it motivates us, we are ready for this, we have been working for this all year, we will be ready.” The good news: there’s Jeanne clutch players, Crucial in hot moments like Holston or McDuffie.

On the side of head coach Nenad Markovic, we are trying to get upset. “I’m really trying not to stress the players too much about the importance of the game, they already know that. They all want to keep playing in the European Cups.”, he says. He wants to give his experience as a former player to the service of his team. “When I was a player, I liked very stressful games, games for big players with a mentality. details Nenad Markovic. As a player, I never knew how to play the “small” matches, but I was often there in the big matches. I try to give all my trust to the players.”.

Another close match?

The first two games of the series were hard-fought and indecisive, and the second ended in overtime. Should we expect a new very dense poster? “I can’t predict whether it will be a tense game. Nenad Markovic answers, On the other hand, I expect a very physical match. The Perister players gained confidence in their last matches. They’ve been playing really hard lately, I’m almost expecting a street fight, very rough, very physical. We have to be ready for that.”.

“They have more point guards to pressure the ball. They’re good at rebounding, they have the energy to pressure all over the court and throughout the game. Develops Jeanne’s trainer. We will try to make some plans and see if it works. We have weapons, we have good structure and good chemistry in the team. I hope we will fight and win!”

Without Rousselle, David Holston management

JDA will have to return to training again without their leader, Jonathan Rousselle, but is not yet fit. That’s why Nenad Markovic needs to double down on his ingenuity to get the most out of David Holston (who will be 37 at the end of January), the current president.

“The problem is that when David is tired and Jonathan is not there, we don’t have a clear leader.the coach explains. Evann Gauthier (19) is still too young to be very responsible, although we will probably have to use him because David can’t play 40 minutes – and we play Nanterre in three days. David is human too, sometimes he doesn’t seem like it, but he is human too, and he needs rest and time to heal.”.

Abdoulaye Loum returns from injury and should enter the rotation on Tuesday. “It’s difficult, because I haven’t played for a month, I’m coming at a different pacehe regrets it. Even without playing, there was a drop in confidence, but I’m working to get my form back. I’m a little chill, but I’m off the pace. You can’t go straight back to 100% if you don’t play for a month.

  • JDA Dijon vs Peristeri live from Palais des Sports with Adrien Beria and Gilles Viard in France Bleu Bourgogne on Wednesday 18th January at 20:00. A special pre-match broadcast to get you in the mood on France Bleu Bourgogne from 19:00!

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