About 2g of alcohol while driving on the A77, a car against a wall, two burned cars… Various facts about Nièvre in brief

Wind does little damage in Nièvre

On January 16, the wind in several municipalities of Nivernez caused several trees to fall onto the roads. They also provided three telephone poles at Toury-sur-Jour and cut telephone cables at Parigny-les-Vaux.

Damaged car in Chaulgnes

When he woke up on Sunday, January 15, the car owner faced a funny surprise. His car crashed into the wall in front of his house. The front and back are badly damaged.

A house was stolen in Cervon

A television and a brushcutter were stolen from the house where shutters and several doors were forced open. The theft was discovered on January 14.

Burnt van in Germigny-sur-Loire…

The “Mercedes Sprinter” minibus, which was stolen from La Marche on the night of January 14, was found burned and dismantled the next afternoon.

Thieves amputated its hood, engine block, transmission, shock absorbers and other suspension parts.

A cow rescued from a ditch, jewelry and sewage theft, a fallen pedestrian… Various news from Nievre in brief

… then a car in Chevroches

The “Peugeot 505 GTI” stolen from a private garage last week between January 9 and 15 was found completely burnt on the towpath. It was stolen from Corbigny.

A driver with approximately 2g of alcohol on the A77 in Sermoise-sur-Loire

On Saturday, January 14, at around 7 p.m., a car driven by a driver with a blood alcohol level of approximately 2 grams per liter hit a side pole on the A77.

He then lunged towards center slide before stopping. The driver was not injured.

At Varennes-Vauzelles, the car crosses the parapet of the A77

On the night of January 14-15, a speeding car overcame the concrete parapet of the A77, then ended its race four hundred meters ahead in an industrial zone.

4 of the passengers were slightly injured and were taken to the hospital for examination.

He was secretly arrested in Nevers

On Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15, two people were arrested by the police while they were in possession of cannabis resin. The first, Rue Saint-Genest, was surprised to make cigarettes at home. The second is 1.4 g, rue Saint-Martin.

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