A list of the most common errors after the release of iOS 16

iOS 16 has many bugs

Released in September 2022, iOS 16 brought many new features to iPhones, including new advanced customization options. At the same time, many bugs have also been reported by users since this period. And neither iOS 16.1 nor iOS 16.2 (the last OS update in December 2022) fixed anything…

Take a look at a dedicated subreddit, an Apple forum, or even Twitter to see the large number of bugs reported, but above all the variety of problems encountered.

Among the errors most often cited by Internet users are:

  • iPhone battery drains faster than before when using similar,
  • Some programs close automatically after a few seconds of opening.
  • The keyboard is no longer displayed or appears in a bad position (e.g. vertical),
  • The main screen goes dark and flashes,
  • Notifications are generally not displayed properly. In some cases, the notification appears empty (no text),
  • iPhone overheats when running some apps (incl Apple Maps),
  • The AirPods box shows a percentage of 0% when the AirPods are out of the box. Other Bluetooth devices are also sometimes affected,
  • The camera freezes and becomes unusable. In some cases, the program “shakes” before crashing.
  • Gapless Play is not available on Apple Music.

Are you experiencing other errors on your iPhone? Feel free to let us know, we’ll update this list regularly!

How to fix errors related to iOS 16?

If you encounter one (or more) of these errors, we may have the solution! Otherwise, unfortunately, you have to be patient and wait for Apple to offer a new update (iOS 16.2.1 or iOS 17).

Your iPhone battery is draining fast

If iOS 16 (and above) is affecting your battery negatively, go here first Parametersafter Battery and Battery status. If the capacity is less than 80%, it is recommended to replace your battery with a new one.

Otherwise, you can start by looking at the most consuming programs (in the section Battery) and especially the executors “Activities”. Then go Parameters > General > Refresh in background, and disable this option for the most consuming applications. Your battery should regain its basic autonomy.

You can also follow these tips to protect your battery on a daily basis.

iPhone Overheats When Using Some Apps

Apple explains that certain uses can cause the iPhone to heat up:

  • Configuring the device or restoring a backup,
  • Use of mobile applications and games,
  • High quality video streaming…

The company also says that when you stop the current activity, the iPhone returns to its normal temperature. Therefore, it is difficult to prevent these excessive fevers for the time being.

However, if the iPhone under iOS 16 becomes abnormally hot and displays a temperature warning message, immediately turn off the smartphone and place it in a relatively cool place to return to normal temperature. Then you can turn it back on and use it normally.

Note that in iOS 16, iPhone charging is automatically stopped when the smartphone overheats. In this case, the following message will appear: “Expected to be refilled. Your iPhone will charge again when it returns to normal temperature. ».

The camera app crashes

If your app Camera (or any other app) if it detects errors or doesn’t open properly, force it to quit by swiping up on the screen, then swiping up on the app in question (for iPhone SE: double-press the home button, then swipe up on the app in question).

If this procedure does not help, you can try restarting the iPhone to fix the problem and access the affected app.

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