Montassar Bazzez, lyricist and creator of “Fausse Note”, in La Presse: “I want to overcome this lack of interest in culture”

Thirty-year-old Montassar Bazzez begins the creation of a cultural center in Hammamet. Despite the critical economic situation in Tunisia, it is a big problem that he is preparing to solve in a culturally poor region. This emerging space is the destination for budding artists and seeds of talent in the region. Currently, its young founder is facing difficulties, thinking about the region through “Fausse’s note” and reminding him of the need to start a cultural dynamic there. Encounter.

People don’t know you well enough, but you recently bravely opened a cultural center called “Fausse note” in a city devoid of culture and art and with a difficult economic situation. Who are you and what is the origin of this project?

I’m an opera singer, a student at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunisia, I’m doing a master’s degree, and I’m from Hammamet. Surprisingly, I’m from Hammamet, but I didn’t know Dar Sebastián or the city’s world-renowned Mediterranean Cultural Center. I was able to discover this historical place only by integrating the Music Institute as a student. And I can assure you that many young people in the city are like me: they don’t even know about the existence of the center/museum, its gardens or even the history of this site. At one time, I wondered what this magnificent city lacked: it lacked a lot of culture. Since then, I decided to solve this problem by creating Fausse Note, a multidisciplinary cultural center, which provides access to training workshops, theater, dance (contemporary, classical, hip-hop, oriental) combining all artistic disciplines. , singing, ceramics workshop and soon painting and film screenings. It has been presented to the general public for 2 months.

In terms of art, what do you think Hammamet lacks is a cultural center?

A center built according to my vision, yes. Far from academic approach, far from theory, based on didactic approach. I allow the public to learn without going through the state or through off-the-shelf training. I encourage spontaneous and easy access to culture. I design a space for hobbyists, allowing them to practice and learn. We should start well by creating a market in the region. Demand is still struggling: we need to involve the local community, which does not yet have the spontaneity to go to culture.

What is the structure of “False Note”?

I have Zouhaïr Gouja who helped me with the music. In the plastic arts, Baker ben Fraj supervises and advises. This is the work of all the professionals around me. For theater I have Muhammad Ali Madani and Houssem Sahli. Malek Zouaidi for dance. For musical instruments, guitar, violin, clarinet and other instruments are studied. I intend to improve the communication strategy and strengthen visibility on social networks. There is a need these days.

What needs to be solved urgently so that “Fausse Note” finds its way?

I started a big project that I just finished. I need to fill the financial gaps. I have no government support. There was no response from the Ministry of Culture, which I tried to contact many times.

The center is still not covered in the media, but it will be… The organization of events will certainly create the desired and expected dynamics. This is a unique project in the region. A project that is currently being bravely but surely inhabited by visitors. Beginnings are not easy. The film is expected to be released soon. I remain open to all cooperation. I will not appeal, but I want everyone to come and see, visit, discover. There is a place for everyone. In the long term, I see an accessible center for future generations, an address for young people who want to do art. You have to maintain this passion for art, and I want to eliminate this lack of interest in culture among the townspeople. Fausse’s Note is a well-thought-out artistic vision. I enrich the city with culture. By opening this center, I create a cultural life there. I hope this continues through visitors from here and elsewhere.

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