Here’s how Florian took advantage of a bug in Tesla to get a Model Y at a canon price

Is it Tesla’s computer or tactical error that these Model Ys are being offered at a price that allows you to take advantage of the maximum bonus? It’s voluntary for Florian, who takes his copy in Rennes this Saturday, January 14, 2023. With good flair and well advised by the brand’s community of enthusiasts, he got his order approved in time, almost making a clean sweep of the Model 3 restoration.

It is not a long quiet river

Prices in the fashionable American manufacturer are not a long quiet river. In the first half of December 2022, the Tesla Model Y Propulsion was launched from 49,990 euros, or 47,990 euros for a purchase price between 47,000 and 60,000 euros, minus a government bonus of 2,000 euros.

A few days after the Model 3 dropped €3,000, we “ rate readjustment The same amount for the SUV version. The will of the manufacturer or an internal problem? We got the answer that ” from a mistake “.

However, several wise teslaists, including our interviewer Florian Bourvon, were able to confirm their orders. It must be said that it was a real bargain to be seized. The base price of the Model Y, which is €3,000 less, has dropped to €46,990 and is eligible for a maximum bonus of €6,000. So 40,990 euros, 7,000 euros can be obtained with the click of a mouse.

3000 euros return is low

With its return to the starting price and the removal of the bonus for the 47,000-60,000 euro bracket, it was necessary to decide to pay at least 49,990 euros to get a Tesla Model Y.

But now, over the past few days, a new discount of €3,000 has emerged, allowing once again to benefit from the government’s maximum €5,000 bonus for 2023. This time without a mistake! Thus, the amount of the check to be signed for the base model falls to 41,990 euros.

Florian Bourvon in a Tesla Model Y

That’s certainly 1000 more than in December’s pseudo-bug period, but with 1000 euros higher revenue. So the delta this time is 8000 euros. A joy for those who missed the boat less than a month ago, without causing disappointment among the early hour beneficiaries.

Selected… Renault Megane!

In Finistere, 33-year-old Florian Bourvon, a young father, was still driving a Ford Kuga diesel SUV in the top-of-the-range Vignale finish in 2021: “ I was already interested in electricity and was watching videos on Youtube, including Automobile Propre. I want to participate in the energy transition for both mobility and home for my son Alban. As we face opposition, this transition is not going fast enough “.

Is Tesla already visible? ” No, I was initially interested in several models, even plug-in hybrids. For electrics, I was considering the Korean Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, as well as the Volkswagen ID.4. “.

He still preferred the Megane E-Tech: “ I really like the Renault series and the face of this car. I eventually gave up on it for two reasons. For really long delivery times anyway. But also for imaginary prices. Speaking of the Megane, Renault knows how to do it. But tell me the prices… At least Tesla has it transparent and doesn’t have 36 options “.

Unicorn applies itself

One of my colleagues ordered a Tesla Model 3 without saying anything. One day in September 2021, he sent us a picture of himself in Nantes, next to his new car. He let me explore it, first as a passenger and then by driving it. Then I knew what to expect with Tesla and wondered about the charging limits. That evening, I reserved a Model 3 on the manufacturer’s website for 100 euros “Florian Bourvon remembers.

€37,000, bonus deducted, why wait? I saw this purchase as a bit of a long-term investment thanks to the diesel savings. Ford Kuga 2 l 180 hp consumes 7 liters of fuel per 100 km. The price of fuel will increase. So it was the right time for me he pleads.

Young Breton bought a Unicorn: ” The Model 3 ordered in September 2021 was delivered to me in Nantes the following December 8. I took advantage of the unicorn. That is, the crossover model is equipped with the old 325 hp engine, but with a new 60 kWh battery. In addition to slightly greater autonomy, I enjoyed new equipment such as a steering wheel and heated rear seats. “.

The Model Y is cheaper than the Model 3

I don’t regret the leap from thermal to electric at all. Acting as a beta tester for the fireplace, my mate finally ditched the 3-door thermal Twingo in favor of the Zoe. He didn’t hesitate too much with the less practical Peugeot e-208. The Renault is taller, which makes it easier to fit our son into the car, for example. “, compares Florian Bourvon.

In fact, I myself wanted a Model Y partly for the same reason. Also because I’m 1.91m tall for 100kg, and I have to do it like a grandpa to get out of a Model 3, for example, by holding on to the dashboard. And then there’s the back door. When I bought the Model 3, the SUV was only available in Long Range and Performance trim. So I decided to keep my sedan while I waited for Model Y Propulsion “, he testifies.

Florian Bourvon and his Tesla Model Y

In August 2022, the SUV looks cheaper than the previously expensive sedan in France. ” At that time, all of us in the community pulled out a credit card to make a reservation. Tesla could buy back my Unicorn for the €47,000 I bought minus the €37,000 bonus. Not only could I upgrade the car, but I could add value at the same time “.

The storyline falls apart

I should have followed my idea from the beginning. But I waited. As many Model 3 owners wanted to order a Model Y at the same time as returning their old Tesla, the purchase amount dropped throughout the day: 45,000, 43,000, 42,000, 41,000, etc. The manufacturer should have made a less attractive purchase offer from the beginning, for example 42,000 euros. After that, the price of the sedan decreased from time to time “, sees Florian Bourvon again.

Giveaways have begun: In September or October, Tesla began offering the hitch on the Model Y. In society, we told ourselves that we had to have a temporary time, that we could be better as Christmas approaches and Tesla really wants to sell this car. In November, we can take advantage of two options for free: a fork, a white interior or a different color for the body. “.

Successful operation? ” As a result, there were enough orders. Tesla pushed for delivery, VIN was quickly determined. It was borderline pressure to get paid. In mid-December, Tesla added another 10,000 km of free charging at its stations. “.

Wrong or not?

I’ve always wanted to procrastinate. I did it twice. The first one waited until December 2022. In the second, I wanted to postpone to 2023. Then there was this so-called error case. In non-optioned white copies, this is 3,000 euros less, allowing you to benefit from a bonus of 6,000 euros and reduce the price to 40,990 euros. “, confirms Florian Bourvon.

In society, we were asked the question: wrong or not? Some of those who already had pending orders risked 250 euros again to see. I started too. A few looked at the Tesla site code. It was observed that it was not written well. By freezing the bonus at 2,000 euros, all orders were matched to this amount. This problem really looks like a bug that Tesla needs to fix. But he did not directly explain this drop of 3000 euros “, he believes.

Voluntary operation? ” Tesla has something to lose in price management. Along with others in the community, I believe the manufacturer wanted to test the market on a batch of white Model Y to see if it would work. And it worked very well “.

The moment he pulled the CB

The second time I signed up, I used the Telegram app to be notified when new vehicles became available. There were quite a few announcements on Tuesday, December 27th, but I didn’t go there because the Model Ys for sale were located in Paris as well as the south and east. “, Florian Bourvon justifies.

Florian Bourvon and his Tesla Model Y

Two days later it was 16:00, I remember well, in the west, that is, in Brittany, there was an ad for a copy for 40,990 euros. I had my credit card in front of the keyboard because I knew it could happen at any moment. I could confirm. I’m glad I didn’t think too much “, wants to share.

And for the first reservation? ” Some paid double the 250 euros. I was able to use the no finance contract clause to get a refund “.

Hot for recovery

Florian Bourvon was also very lucky to recover: “I tried it online, at At 42,000 euros, he did not bite. When it fell to 40,000, they asked me to let the car go lower, to 38,000 or 37,000 euros. So I went through an auction among mechanics and made an attractive profit for 38,800 euros.

Eaten!? ” I finally got a reduced offer to 35,000 euros. It was the Bodemer Auto group that came from the name Briocar in Rennes, lovely people. I returned a counter offer of €35,500, which was accepted with some discussion. Tesla offered only 31,500 euros “.

I was afraid until the last minute that my trade would be canceled due to price drops on the Model Y and Model 3. This came just hours before my contract was finally signed. “, he concludes.

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Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Florian Bourvon for his sensitivity, availability and permission to share his Model Y reception with him. I also thank community manager David for allowing me to contact this very sympathetic reader. .

Author’s opinion

When Tesla Renne, Florian Bourvon and I arrived, there were a few people. I had the honor of picking him up at Rennes station and driving him there just in time for the 2pm meeting.

The construction team was very attentive to newcomers, quickly offering drinks while waiting for care.

The signing of the documents was carried out very quickly. In just 10 minutes, our reader had everything in hand to unlock the Model Y and check for any anomalies. Now satisfied with the Model 3’s finish, he particularly observed the alignment of the body parts and glass, then inspected the interior.

Really nice and quite presentation, Tesla Consultant came to make sure everything is ok. Although I already knew the answer, I offered a photo in the situation with the client. Which he refused. It’s like Tesla’s constant, which I respect, request not to take pictures inside.

Not being able to use the free 10,000 km for Superchargers, Florian Bourvon would have appreciated taking advantage of it for at least one day on his way back to Finistère. It was not possible to satisfy his request.

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