HANDBALL: Intra-club matches with multiple challenges

N1, Prénationale and APH U18 teams clashed at the Coliseum in Amiens. Elite Pole and a great way to emphasize training.

L’Amiens Picardy Handball Last Friday evening, he organized two matches between the various teams under 18, Prénationale and N1, to promote the formation of the club and the youth, including those established at the start of the Elite Pole Season. “It was the first goal to approachsee each other and To highlight the Elite Pole and young ones who practice a little more and gently combine them with N1″ explain Julian Richardcoach of the first team.

“It also allows us, the coaches, to observe the players a bit more individually, some of whom may have to train with us first. join the group Making matches like we saw in the first part of the season (with Batiste Demulier and Erwan Trezel v. Belfort, editor’s note). »

This evening allows us to give meaning to what we do in practice

Julian Richard

These matches were an opportunity “Let the young people show themselves, get advice from N1 players, let us get advice too Yuri (Petrenko, head coach of the N1 team, editor’s note), we bring to them our high-level experience” Julien Richard explains. “Tonight allows us to give meaning to what we have done in training and create a real connection between the N1, the -18s and the Prénationale. There is nothing more motivating and rewarding. Having a direct N1 that also helps young people is beneficial for everyone. This is something we want to put in place to enhance club training and encourage exchanges. »

Young people were able to have fun expert advice as described by their elders Matteo SacleuxUnder 18 players: “They advise us, when we see them play, we think what they do is incredible! It’s great to play with them there! They are so beautiful and unite us so well. It’s great to have a match like this. And the club’s sports project motivates us to train and fully invest, gives us confidence and the desire to go beyond limits. »

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There is real work in communication between different coaches around this training project. One of them, Simon SoudryThe head coach of Prenationale and former player of the main team was also very satisfied with this operation. “This allows to create a certain unity among different workforces that they there is closeness on and off the pitchwhich shows the youth work to be done if they ever want to join the pro group. I’m sure rubbing shoulders with top players is shaping for them, they try to take all the advice they get. More information about the coach of the 2nd team.

Antoine Duniolcoach – 18, doesn’t say anything else when he sees this“There is a really big gap between the -18 and the Prénationale, more so with the N1. Such opposition shows them efforts to be made and there is indeed a level gap. »

The judges of the club are also in the spotlight

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The meetings were conducted by the young judges of the club. Aurelien Ageavon and Jeremy Dupancontrolled and supported by both Severine Barbezat-Sauve, to the scorer’s table to advise them. Since the beginning of the season, they have been a pair and usually referee at the regional level. That’s what Aurélien Ageavon, who mobilized for this APH intra-club match, believes “These kinds of meetings take us forward, because we are not used to refereeing at this level, but they also take us forward. » Two judges work in a duet “Pick yourself up, tell yourself what’s wrong and what’s working, we communicate a lot, everyone has their role and we complement each other. » Both mention that they made this choice not for the handball experience, but to choose for arbitration “It allows us to have another vision of handball, just as interesting” noted Jeremy Dupan.

1st game Among the few players of the Prénationale (Elite Pole) and all the players of the N1 (mixed teams): 22-27 (14-13)
2nd game Under-18 players and Prenationale (mixed teams): 22-15 (8-6)

Next weekend, the Amiens Picardie Handball first team will find their way N1 Championship takes the 4th place with his trip Folshville (10), Saturday, 8:30 p.m.

Caesar Willot
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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