A SimpliciCar franchisee from Caen testifies to the assets of the franchise to succeed in the sale of used vehicles.

Experienced automotive professional, at the head of two garages in Basse-Normandie, Cyril Mastromichele decided to diversify its activities to start selling used cars. He chose to implement this project Become a SimpliCar franchisee To open a car agency in the Caen sector. Less than a year after opening, he shares his thoughts on the franchise.

All Franchise: Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Cyril Mastromichele: I am in charge of the SimpliciCar agency located at the southern entrance of Caen, more precisely in Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay. The agency opened in April 2022 and today we have a staff of five, including three freelancers.

Why did you start your company with the support of SimpliciCar? Have you consulted with your brand’s competitors?

Firstly, I am already the manager of two garages near Caen and we have had many inquiries about buying and selling used cars. Therefore, I decided to open an agency for the sale of used cars.

But why with franchise support? I think it’s easier in terms of fame and image. Franchising will grow easier and faster than the classic business that is not yet known.

Before I finally decided to become a SimpliciCar franchisee, I clearly researched all the competition to compare their different ways of doing things and working methods.

How have you been and are you still being supported by the SimpliciCar franchise?

We were accompanied very well by Yoni at first [Yoni Dayan, fondateur du réseau, NDLR] also by Sylvain [Sylvain Ritacco, directeur de développement, NDLR] and by their teams and ultimately by various franchise partners. In my opinion, training at the head office of the franchise is already the first step for support to start a new activity.

Did this training specifically enable you to start operating under optimal conditions?

This training focuses on franchising, its system, organization, operation, etc. It is really necessary to give a general opinion about. After that, we really see things on the ground and on specific files where we can make progress in our activities.

How is your relationship with your fellow franchisees? Is the spirit of networking really effective?

The relationship with all SimpliciCar franchisees is very good. Good humor is guaranteed! A lot of mutual help in times of trouble and also exchange of different experiences in the agency. Personally, I consider it necessary, because since SimpliciCar is a national network, we also have the opportunity to work together (inter-institutional). This is a huge advantage!

Have you met your goals in terms of turnover?

We’re less than a year away from our opening date, so it’s quite complicated to talk about doing an initial assessment in terms of turnover. However, for a start, we are satisfied enough. We can say that goals have been achieved, but we always want more!

What measures are you taking to grow your traffic and customers?

The following are the measures we have been able to implement so far:

  • Participation in foreign events: Tesla dealership opening, Telemarathon, video clip shooting
  • Distribution of flyers and business cards
  • Word of mouth
  • private networks

Although, is the SimpliciCar concept well positioned and justified in your market? Has your franchisor specifically honored all of its commitments?

Yes, my franchisor fully honored all of his commitments. As for the SimpliciCar concept, it is well positioned.

Currently, we are the only SimpliciCar franchise in Lower Normandy, so our coverage is really wide, which is a real advantage for us. There are a few competitors around, but they remain minimal.

Does your due diligence before joining your franchisor confirm your expertise in the field?

Yes, absolutely. Due to my experience in the automotive field, I expected this experience in this field at our SimpliciCar Caen dealership.

If you had to create your activity alone, would you be able to do it?

The support at SimpliciCar makes work and activity development easier. Therefore, creation alone would have been approached differently and the development of agency would have been more complex.

If you had it to do over again, would you re-sign with your franchisor?

Of course, our goal is to develop within Normandy with the same brand. The SimpliciCar concept is at its peak!

What advice would you give to all candidates interested in SimpliciCar franchise?

My advice would be:

  • Be passionate about cars in general
  • Previous experience in company management (accounting, organization, administration, management, human resources, sales, etc.)
  • Give it your all and have fun!

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