This mechanic in the Vendée testifies: “In 15 days the purchase price of a car has increased by 6,000 euros”

The car market behaves without courage in the beginning of 2023. There are many explanatory factors. ©Facebook Garage Simonneau

According to NGC-Data® figures received by the L’Argus website, the French new car market is set to sell 1.5 million new cars for 2022. 8% decrease compared to 2021. Worse record than 2020In a year marked by the arrest, 1.65 million copies of new cars were sold in France.

In 2022, the second-hand market also suffered. According to the AutoScout24 website, “The registration of used cars decreased by -14.1% compared to 2021.” In total, 5,127,955 used cars were registered in France in 2022, compared to 5,966,869 in 2021.

Several factors may explain these significant declines. According to the specialized press, the war in Ukraine, the increase in fuel prices and inflation are at the beginning of these historical declines.

Impressions are confirmed by car experts. 2022 was not the easiest year for the Simonneau garage in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire. So we had to adapt.

“We are losing 15-20% of our sales volume compared to 2021. However, we were able to maintain our margin. »

Mathieu Simonneau, manager of the Simonneau garage

“This is getting to be nonsense”

The decline in sales can be explained by another, more technical factor.

“Last opportunities are really rare. It is not very suitable for buying new. Vehicles are expensive, and in three to four years the question of restoring the car arises. Profitability may not be absolute for the profession. »

Mathieu Simonneau, manager of the Simonneau garage

The Talmonde manager uses the Peugeot 3008 as an example. Its purchase price was from the date of registration to the date of delivery. “About 6,000 euros in 15 days. This is getting to be nonsense…”

Additionally, count on a six to eight month delivery time for a new car. “To avoid this, we try to work on second-hand cars with very low mileage, which can be obtained more quickly, within two to three months. »

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Another way to get a car fairly quickly is to choose Asian brands.

“They attract more and more people. They are affordable, have good technical qualities and are more easily available.”, a former Citroën agent, now a multi-brand dealer, confirms. The ultimate solution to quickly get a new car, choose electric. Deadlines for these types of cars are faster. “Major manufacturers are supplying these models faster to meet European requirements for carbon dioxide reduction. »

think about electricity

But be careful, electricity requires some thought before it starts working.

“The interest for rural drivers may not be as great as for urban drivers. In my opinion, thermal still has a bright future ahead. »

Mathieu Simonneau, manager of the Simonneau garage

Most interested drivers will be able to find out more this weekend through open day events at selected dealerships and garages. But not Mathieu Simonneau. “There is no more open door effect. Commercially, this is no longer the case. There are offers all year round, comparable to sales, I think. In my opinion, these have become communication operations.says that on the first Saturday of every month, he organizes a transaction for sellers and buyers of used cars.

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