The UK’s first 7.5 tonne electric truck goes into production

Renault Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Tesla, Nikola, Mercedes, Hyundai and BYD are relatively well-known manufacturers with current and/or future offerings in battery or hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. French motorists are probably less familiar with Tevva, which designs and manufactures heavy-duty trucks for Europe across the Channel.

Two models

Based in Tilbury, near London, Tevva is launching a stylish range of trucks with 2 very similar models. The difference? One is BEV, i.e. battery electric vehicle. This is the TEV75B, which was introduced in October 2021 and has just started production in the London area for delivery to European customers.

The second one will be launched a little later in the year. Its name TEV75BH2 indicates that it houses a hydrogen fuel cell. The latter will serve as a range extender. So the 2 models share maximum features. Starting with an engine (2 engines on the rear axle) with a maximum power of 192 kW (261 hp) for a torque of 596 Nm.

Battery capacity is 105 kWh with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry for greater stability and longer life. For the HP H2 version, the value rises interestingly to 112 kWh. Packages are placed between 2 axles on each side. With a payload of 50% used, the autonomy of the TEV75B is declared at an average of 170 km, with a maximum of 227 km in the best conditions.

Thanks to the hydrogen fuel cell, these figures increase to 428 and 570 km, respectively. The presence of an extender reduces the total load, which goes from 2942 tons to 2718 tons. The profiled transport box, so as not to obstruct the air above the cabin, has been studied to give the autonomy as little weight as possible.

Local tours

Major electric truck manufacturers are talking about direct current charging that could soon reach or exceed 1,000 kW, sometimes already offering the possibility of exceeding 350 kW. This is not the position of Tevva, which can be approximated by the 2-truck model. No need for long range or high charging power for local circuits and last mile delivery.

But to settle for the gift of the first Renault Zoé from there… 2 models are actually equipped to charge only 22 kW AC. This allows you to restore 90% energy level in about 5 hours. This, of course, will be sufficient for certain operations in regular rounds, for example.

However, the manufacturer decided to go with the road to the international trade show for commercial vehicles last September. Thus, two examples of the TEV75B covered the 800 kilometers between London and Hanover, Germany, under their own means and in both directions. ” We have done what no other exhibitor at IAA Transportation has dared to do “, Tevva notes. Recharging along the route was carried out at points of view or at equipment installed in hotels for customers’ electric cars.

To continue

For transporters looking to travel long distances with an electric truck, charging power is not the answer Tevva offers. But in the hydrogen range extender. It is placed high up with its windows, between the cabin and the transport box. Its features are not yet in the data sheet.

Tanks with a gas capacity of 9 kg are filled under a pressure of 350 bar in about ten minutes. Adopting 700 bars would make it possible to benefit from better autonomy. But the price of the truck would be higher.

The cloud-connected predictive system controls the range extender in real-time according to the route to be taken and real-world external conditions such as road profile, traffic, weather. Added to this is the information provided by the driver.

Customer service

The turning radius is claimed to be 17.6m for a wheelbase of 4.815m. Excluding mirrors, the TEV75B and TEV75BH2 have a maximum length of 8.73m with a width of 2.16m. So it can carry up to 15 euro pallets.

For comfort, the driver has a seat with armrests and lumbar support. Equipped with a digital display, the trucks are equipped with various controls including ABS, ESP, hill start, lane departure warning, cruise control and speed limiter, etc. equipped with

For the range-extending version of the H2, Tevva thought of offering its services to determine the best formula for hydrogen refueling. The manufacturer has not disclosed its price list to the public. But he suggests contacting her to discover her proposal already.

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