Ivaanyh, artist in Orléans, on stage for the first O’Tempo concert in Saint-Jean-le-Blanc

On the stage on January 19, Ivaanyh O’Tempo is opening for Mademoiselle K for the first of her concerts. Organized to wait for the public until the festival in Boigny-sur-Bionne at the end of August 2023, they will then welcome Stephane and Toucan Toucan on March 24th and a 100% local scene on May 4th.

Orleans singer Ivaanyh presents new single “In Boin” and its accompanying music video

Meanwhile, another local singer kicks off the series on Thursday. Ivaanyh will perform eight titles, including six from the next EP, which is due out by the summer of 2023. “I will sing my own compositions, covers and exclusives,” announces the young woman. “This mini-album will be in the same vein as my two singles. Solo and against myselfReleased in 2022″. Urban pop singles from the author, songwriter and performer, complete with music videos co-produced by Neg’Marrons member Ben-J.

Max Livio’s younger sister

The EP will be the debut album from the self-taught singer who won the 2016 Orleans Young Talent contest. A click for Ivaanyh, who later decided to quit his job as a sales representative and devote himself entirely to music. In 2019, the younger sister of Orléans singer Max Livio, whom all of France heard on “The Voice”, “thus fulfilled her childhood dream. The first part of the group was provided by Kassav, then Jocelyne Béroard, the singer of the Guadeloupe group.

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“There was always music in the house, but there was no instrument,” continues Ivanykh, who enthusiastically bought his first guitar. “As for the piano, I learned it myself when I was an au pair in Connecticut, USA. When you’re passionate, it changes everything,” says Ivani, who can’t read music and works “by ear”. heart”. Through hard work, personal method that allowed him to start composing and pass the casting of metro musicians, “the best school for guitar!”.

O’Tempo concert with Mademoiselle K and Ivaanyh: Thursday, January 19, 20:00 at Espace Montission in Saint-Jean-le-Blanc. Price: 22 euros.

Orléanais Max Livio, tonight on The Voice

Katia Beaupetit

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