Handball – Women’s National 1: Octeville wins the derby and delivers its 8th consecutive success

Octevilians, who struggled in the first half, were able to find the keys to ease the game against Colombel in the second half. With this new success (33-23), HBO remains the leader of Group 2 of the N1F group.

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HBO, unbeaten since their home defeat against Nantes on October 16 (27-22), hosts Colombelle this Sunday, January 15, 2023 at the Espace du Littoral. If this meeting marked the final day of the first leg, the priority for Gregory Loubie’s side was to secure an eighth consecutive win to confirm their place as leaders. Against an opponent that is difficult to negotiate on paper and despite a first half in which several managers failed to make a difference, the Piquantes applied themselves logically.

“Administrators were not at the required level”

Reynaldo Mazzolini’s team, who took advantage of the loss of the ball from the first seconds of the game, opened the scoring (1:0). Seriously, the Seinomarines entered their match calmly, leveling with Benezet (2-2, 5th), then taking the lead on a perfectly executed mid-range shot by Amadil (3-2, 7th). If Colombellos had an opportunity to prevent the hosts from escaping, they fell to a well-inspired Saibou (9 saves in the first period) (4-2, 10th) and were brutally defeated 4-0 (8-3, 14th). . On the Absolute Shining front, HBO was struggling to find its momentum. Instead, Calvadosiennes waited patiently and Préaudat used a shot from 7 meters to close the gap (9-7, 24). Down (9-8, 27), Octeville leaned on Santiago to restore a slight cushion (11-8, 28) before returning to the locker room with a two-goal lead (12-10, 30).

After returning to the floor, Quirin confirmed the intentions of his team (12-11, 31). Again, Santiago responded quickly (13-11, 32), but it wasn’t enough and Quirin quickly tied the two teams back (14-14, 35). Benezet (17-13, 39), then Bassarila (19-15, 40), who touched their pride and were well helped by Saibu’s sumptuous save on a 7-meter shot, allowed Piquantes to restart. Ben Abdallah and his partners, again in a favorable position, led (23-18, 47th) and even by 10 goals (29-19, 54th). The suffering Colombel could only see the damage and abdicate (33-23).

Happy with this new victory, but clear from the performance of his troops in the first half, Gregory Loubler did not hesitate to point out certain shortcomings.

“The first five minutes were difficult. The bosses weren’t ready to scratch and we paid him cash. Colombel could not take advantage of our weak positions at the beginning of the match. We paid a lot of attention to refereeing. At halftime we tried to move the girls. At 14-14, they remained calm and did not panic. In the end, we were able to have a good second half.time. Despite everything, I am happy with my players, but there will still be a lot of recalibration. »

In Octeville, HB Octeville defeated Colombelle 33-23 (12-10).

Judges: MM. Gaudray and Levard

Audience: about 150


Babysitters: Saïbou (cap) 13 stops, Naili 1 stop.

Field players: Dia 3/5 Santiago 3/4, Ben Abdallah 4/7, including 1 pen, Chagh, Relange 0/1, Amadil 4/10, Ba 5/7, Kérou 2/3, Bénézeth 6/7, Lupascu 1/ 1 pen including 4, Bassarila 3/6, Jouini 2/2 including 1 pen.

Trainer: Gregory Loubier.


Babysitters: Lepresle 8 stops, Le Dret 6

Field players: Ralu, Letellier 3/8, Lotion 0/2, Courtade 1/1, Ledru 0/1, Préaudat (3/8 including 3 pens), Francois 1/2, Lukasiewicz, Gaignon 2/2, Ruel 5/7, Gagez (cap) 3/8, including 1 pen, Quirin 5/6.

Trainer: Reynaldo Mazzoli.

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