Can I use Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

This article explains how to use Spotify on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Can I listen to music on my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Spotify Samsung Galaxy Watch

You can install the Spotify app on your Galaxy watch and use it to listen to music through a connected device such as your phone or Bluetooth headphones.

according to Journal du FreenauteThe Spotify app can’t play music directly on the Galaxy Watch through the built-in speaker without your phone, but you can if you use a workaround with the Spotify desktop app or web player.

How to install Spotify on Galaxy Watch:

Swipe up from the main watch face.

Tap Play Store.

Tap the magnifying glass.

Tap an input method, such as the keyboard icon.

Say, type, or write Spotify.

Tap Spotify in the search results.

Install it.

To work on Spotify GalaxyWatch, you must install the app on your watch using the Spotify website or the app on your connected phone and link it to your account. After you install Spotify on your watch, you can use it to listen to downloaded tracks, Spotify playlists, radio stations, and podcasts.

Listen to Spotify on Galaxy Watch
Listen to Spotify on Galaxy Watch

Spotify is not designed to play through the Galaxy Watches built-in speaker, but you can use Bluetooth headphones, your phone’s speaker, or any other connected speaker previously configured in the Spotify app from your phone.

There is a way to listen to Spotify on the Galaxy Watch through the built-in speaker, but it’s not officially supported and doesn’t always work. See the next section for instructions.

Install and open Spotify on your watch.

Type the pairing code.

You can tap PAIR ON PHONE and follow the on-screen instructions on your phone, or continue to the next step to complete the setup process using a web browser on your computer.

Go to Spotify’s pairing page using your web browser and enter the code displayed on your watch.

If you’re not already signed in to your Spotify account, you’ll need to sign in to continue.

Select a pair.

Return to the Spotify app on your watch and swipe left.

Tap on the listening option, i.e. one of the suggested playlists.

Click the Play button and select your device.

By default, you’ll only see your phone as an option. You’ll also have this option if you’ve paired Bluetooth headphones, and if you’ve used it with the Spotify app on your phone before, you’ll also see the connected device as a smart speaker. You cannot select your watch as a device in this menu.

Spotify will play the selected music or podcast.

Can you use Spotify on Galaxy Watch without a phone?

You can use Spotify on the Galaxy Watch without a phone, but only if you have a premium account and Bluetooth headphones. Since the Spotify app isn’t designed to stream music through the watch’s built-in speaker, you’ll need to have paired Bluetooth headphones to listen to music without your phone.

If you’ve met this requirement, you can use Spotify on your watch without your phone and even download music and podcasts to your watch to listen to Spotify offline.

There is a way to listen to Spotify through the Galaxy Watch’s speaker without a phone or headphones, but you’ll need to launch it through the desktop app or web app when your watch is connected to the internet.

Open Spotify’s web player or desktop app, then open a playlist or radio station.

Select the device icon in the lower right corner.

Select your watch from the list of devices.

Your watch may not appear in the list of available devices. If not, close the player and try again.

Select Play.

A playlist or radio station streams directly to your Galaxy Watch speaker.

Once a playlist or radio station is playing, you can skip songs and pause using the controls on your watch.

The clock icon on this screen indicates that Spotify is running on the clock speaker. Don’t tap this icon, because if you do, Spotify will open your watch’s Bluetooth settings and it won’t play directly on the watch’s speaker, and you’ll have to go back to the desktop app or web player to get it working again. -select your watch as output device.

You can also swipe left and select a new radio station, playlist or song to play and it will play on your watch.

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