Basketball. National 1: USA tilts the leader thanks to the successful performance of La Glacerie

Ines Nezerwa and USLG led the entire game. This victory is not without controversy. (© La Presse de la Manche)

US players from La Glacerie (Commune of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Manche) have kept Alençon! He was largely defeated on the way (67-49), there are Tangos bend the leader of the henAccepting only one defeat since the beginning of the season, leads from start to finishdelivery a benefit at least as well was fulfilled More against Limoges, the leader when he arrived Nordez. This hit taking, it bodes well for Johann Beauné’s daughters two points that many will not be able to oppose this beautiful Ornaise team.

A perfect start

Part of the match was played from the beginning. L’USLG perfectly into her game, and Desiree Bakabadio’s first three-point attempt after hitting the rim and then going two feet above the basket suggests it could be a game. good evening for tangos (5-0, 2e). Locals can punch with a amazing ease Inner sector of Alençon, poor. you have to wait for 7e minute Seeing top scorer Jade Phillips score her first point (14-8). But it’s good Ice Cream Shop flying, with a spectacular basket from Amance Kerbaul at the buzzer (21-12).

Despite the very quick second mistakes of Alexia Bothier and especially Désirée Bakabadio, who had to leave, La Glacerie did not let go of the hunt and happily crossed the 10-point mark (27-14, 13)e). On the contrary, Bigué Sarr is the only one that floats without affecting the void. Coralie Cadario even manages to bounce one back under the Alençon panel, which benefits Coquemont. The biggest difference of the match (36-21, 16e). With numerous ice ball losses in the market and Sarr in the right rhythm, Alençon gives himself a chance to believe in himself at the break (36-26).

And that’s it the leader, returns on the trail of tangos. The elements seem reversed: Bakabadio gets a layup, then Phillips scores after two consecutive offensive rebounds. Soft-hitting, timid first-round American turns into expected poison (41-37, 24)e). But La Glacerie manages to regain some air at the back as soon as Alençon gets a chance to get in front. Glacériennes, authors of very good defensive sequences a precious little advance at the beginning of the last act (50-44).

To see the visitors return to the ball (52-49, 34e), USLG also sees its pivot Ines Nezerva collapse after a big battle in the Ornaise racket. But the Burundian, the author of a double-double (11 points, 10 rebounds), finally returns to the field immediately after a short time with “and one” (56-51, 36).e).

Technical sheet

Quarter: 21-12, 15-14, 14-18, 10-11.
Spectators: 700. Judges: MM. Robert and Picard.
USLG CHERBOURG-EN-COTENTIN: 21 successful baskets from 52 attempts, including 5/19 three-pointers, 36 rebounds, including 8 attacks, 27 turnovers, 5 steals, 3 blocks. Players: Mendy (15 points), Bakabadio (17), Kadario (4), Barthelemy, Nezerva (11), then Kokemont (10), Kerbaul (3), Boti, Kossais, Bilengi-Kombo.
Alençon: 20 field goals on 60 attempts, 5/25 on three-pointers, 31 rebounds, 11 attacks, 19 turnovers, 14 steals, 0 against. Players: Vetu (6 points), Phillips (21), Clouseau (8), Agbemanyon (3), Sarr (12), then Bounou, Farsi (5), Divert.

The stressful end of the match finally does not happen. pushed by boiling roomContains USLG’s latest trends to score a hit from Alencon starts ideally in this second part of the season.

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