Basketball. Cholet – Monaco, an unexpected shock at the top of the Betclic Elite

Two universes

Same planet, but not the same world

If Cholet and Monaco are neck and neck in the Betclic Elite rankings, they are certainly not part of the same world. To draw a bit of caricature, the basketball of the courts, against the bling-bling of CB Rock and his XXL gear, would be the owner of the tradition. Team Roca is surfing at the top of the Euroleague while Laurent Vila’s team competes in the FIBA ​​European Cup, considered the fourth European Cup.


CHOLET: Dominic Artis

The 29-year-old American defender, who arrived completely anonymously in the summer of 2021, has since become a reliable bet in the championship. Elita’s sixth scorer this season (16.9 points). The hard-working Californian produced impossible shots, match-locking shots

MONACO: Mike James

The US leader didn’t wait until he arrived in Monaco in 2021 to make a name for himself. Former Nets or Suns who can make a huge difference, sometimes irresistible, also know how to get people talking about him because of his outspoken and great personality.

In his last (and first) visit to Cholet, Mike James was unable to prevent Team Roca from losing (92-85) on May 17, 2022 | JOE – ETIENNE LIZAMBARD


CHOLET: €5.723 million (10th in the championship)

MONACO: €20.724 million (1st in the championship)

If Cholet Basket can claim to have increased their budget by 29% between last season and this year (from 4,425 to 5,723), how about Monaco? The princely club presented a budget of 47% (the biggest increase ahead of Chole) to the National League, rising from €14.126 million to €20.724 million. This is simply the highest budget in the history of French basketball!


CHOLET: €1,703 million*

MONACO: €10.809 million*

Of course, with a salary of more than 10 million euros – according to figures released by the National League at the beginning of the season – Team Roca is the best-endowed French club in this ranking. Much lower, the CB has the 12th salary with 1.703 million, which is less than the only salary of star Mike James who netted 2 million euros during the season. According to website Basket Europe, which currently publishes its Betclic Elite salary file, seven Roca Team players are earning over €700,000 per year. The highest salary in the Cholet ranks will be TJ Campbell’s salary, estimated at €142,500.

* These amounts include gross wages and benefits in kind

place in history


36th consecutive season in the elite

French champion in 2010

Aces Week winner in 2008

Winner of the French Cup in 1998 and 1999


13th season in Elite (8th in a row)

The winner of the European Cup in 2021

Winner of the Leaders Cup in 2016, 2017 and 2018


CHOLET. Laurent Vila, who replaced Erman Kunter in the summer of 2021, had a difficult first six months at Cholet. Things took a positive turn for him in December 2021 with the recruitment of leaders TJ Campbell and OD Anosike. Since then, the Catalan technician (47), who has been stamped as a training specialist, seems to have found a way to turn Cholet into a scrappy team in the French championship. This work was especially rewarded with selection for the All Star Game 2022.

MONACO. Former genius playmaker, world champion (1998), three-time European champion (1995, 1997, 2001) and Olympic vice-champion with Yugoslavia (1996), Sasa Obradovic returns to the Monegasque bench in December 2021 (Editor’s note: he was already Monaco’s coach ) from February 2019 to June 2020). Known for his tenacity and grip, the Serbian coach aims to guide Monaco to their first ever French title. Rock’s biggest challenge is managing the ego wars that are never far away in the star-studded dressing room.

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