5th edition of Arts and Humanities Festival

The 5th edition of Points Communs Festival of Arts and Humanities, New National Stage Cergy-Pontoise / Val d’Oise will take place from 10 to 18 March 2023.

Now in its fifth edition, the Arts and Humanities Festival proves to be a more privileged time than ever to open our eyes wide to another place. Through committed international performances and open discussion times, Arts and Humanities fulfills its ambition to better perceive and understand the world around us and to question it in the hope of envisioning a sweeter tomorrow.

For eight days, artists from all over the world come to educate us through their art about geopolitical realities and the intimate resonances it creates. From Brazil to the Congo, small stories join the big ones and capture us with the poignancy of their messages. Thus, Arts and Humanities are eight artistic proposals that cover the problems of our time – feminicide, racism, environmental emergency, plural identities – for this new edition, the participation of many artists from the African continent, an incredible creative territory.

Arts and Humanities is also a unique collaboration with the Paris-Cergy National School of Arts (ENSAPC). This year, five students are creating new works for the festival. Free in the form they approach (installation, pictorial piece, performance), their only limitation is to resonate with programming. They are led by Volmir Cordeiro, choreographer in residence at Points Commons.

Echoing these bold and inspiring works, the Festival of Arts and Humanities offers times for reflection and exchange, as it offers many opportunities to direct our gaze to the challenges of the world, especially during the meetings established with CY Cergy Paris Université, where artists and researchers compare their visions. . engages in a dialogue with the audience of the festival on the issues raised by the shows.

Arts and Humanities #5 offers a spectacular journey across the planet and exciting encounters with rare and under-seen artists on the French scene. An opportunity to dream of a more tolerant world, a world of openness and curiosity. Through art, for humanity.

Arts and Humanities, a creative incubator with students from the Paris-Cergy National School of Arts!
Arts and Humanities exhibition opening at Théâtre 95 on Friday, March 10 at 6 p.m.


African Amazons
Friday, March 10, 2023
Founded in 2015 by some of West Africa’s biggest divas – including Mariam Dumbia By the legendary duo Amadou and Mariam, Les Amazones d’Afrique turns music into a weapon.
With their mesmerizing voices, they sing the praises of justice and equality,…

From Saturday 11 March to Sunday 12 March 2023
Director of Berlin Monika Gintersdorfer and the La Fleur group likes to act on the clash of cultures and intimate stories in their shows. In Les Chercheurs, created in Points Commun, the word is given to the following …

Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota
From Sunday 12 March to Monday 13 March 2023
There are thousands of them, murdered by their husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends or fiancees. An average of two women are killed every week in Spain.
From these dire statistics, in the face of this revolting domestic and social violence, Agnes Mateus and Quim…

Plot / Scandal
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Berlin-based Dominican dancer and choreographer, League Lewis mixing dance, theater and visual art to create moving and provocative works that question the metaphors and social inscriptions of the body.

Killjoy Quiz
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Brazilian artist Luanda Casella invites us to a friendly TV quiz. Kitchen decor, multiple choice questions, a friendly host surrounded by female assistants, it’s all there! But behind this evil game is hidden a deeper thought.…

Conversations with Annabel Guérédrat #4
Researcher: Seloua Luste Boulbina, Fabienne Viala
Conversations consists of four co-curated workshops that invite artists and researchers to share their thoughts and experiences on issues raised by the Points community’s shows from the 2022-2023 season, opening up a real space for dialogue with students.
Care and toxicity in colonial life The legacy of colonialism and neocolonialism can be seen in many ways as a toxic legacy that causes environmental damage and multiple forms of discrimination. How art and performance art can play a role in…

MamiSargassa 3.0 and her guests
From Friday 17 March to Saturday 18 March 2023
Choreographer from Martinique Annabel Gueredrat points to powerful works with deep reflections on ecology and the situation of women. The performance concert MamiSargassa 3.0 is part of the Ensargasse-moi series, which explores the funerary rituals of toxic algae.

Water, land of living waters
Friday, March 17, 2023
in the house of Castelie Yalombo, everything is unstable. In this rare and powerful performance, the choreographer draws on his identity, born to a Belgian mother and a Congolese father, and embarks on what he describes as an odyssey through space…

In Feijoa
Calixto Neto and guests
At the center of the stage of the Theater des Louvres, Calixto Neto invites you to share the preparation of feijoada, an iconic dish of Brazilian gastronomy, the origin of which is still disputed.
Popular lore attributes its creation to slaves who mixed …

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