The basics you need to know

RC car enthusiasts always dream of building a solid portfolio of skills. Whether you own, build from scratch, or don’t have the money to buy, you’re always dreaming about it. This is the right attitude and you need a solid foundation to manage it. We call it “the basics” and let’s not forget these golden rules when it comes to driving an RC. It all starts with choosing the right RC.

Choosing the right remote control car

Since you are here, we assume that you are a relatively new kid in the world remote controlled vehicles. Here are some tips for choosing your first one remote controlled car.

Keep in mind that you are a hobbyist and should take it slow and steady. One step after another! Every master was once a beginner, and the same goes for you. No matter where you are now, you will only reach great heights if you are willing to learn. Put your complexes aside.

If you are a beginner, it is always better to go for factory assembled cars RTR (Ready to Run), including radio equipment, rather than building it yourself from scratch. RTRs are best suited for those who want to save time and are inexperienced. As a starter, we advise you to avoid any customization.

What is your goal?

If you need to cross large paved roads on a good sized street or highway, invest in road cars. Most remote controlled cars is on the way 4 wheel drive, made of carbon, aluminum and titanium components with independent suspension systems. Designed to run at high speed on the streets.

One of the benefits of investing in a road car is that you can customize the wheel and suspension components to take it off-road. The remote controlled cars off-road includes larger, studded tires and long-travel suspension components readily available on the market.

Read your remote control car’s owner’s manual

Regardless of your brand or variant remote control car, instructions for you radio controlled car you should have your bible on how it works. Although many people find it boring to look through the user manual, we recommend that you take the time to do so.

Yours remote controlled car more like a puzzle with thousands of different components put together. You need to have a basic understanding of its important components, how it works, basic DIY, dos and don’ts and much more, and reading the user manual is the easiest way to do that. .

Our tips for driving remote controlled cars

How to start a remote control car?

How the RC is activated depends on what powers the RC has. If it’s an electric RC, charging and installing the batteries in both the car and the radio, the gear will do the trick. If it’s a nitro RC, it needs to be installed AA batteries In Ltransmitter also before turning on the throttle.

This is where the importance of reading the user manual comes in!

Electric vs Nitro – How to Choose?

If you are new to the track, we recommend choosing electric cars, which require less preparation. These vehicles can be operated both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to spend more time exercising.

On the contrary Electric RCthe Nitro RC can only be used outdoors. The realism factor is smoke, exhaust, etc. Although it supports nitro cars, it is better if you start driving electric and then upgrade to nitro RC.

No matter what vehicle you use, we recommend that you carry the necessary tools with you to be ready for an immediate replacement or repair.

Get to know your remote and its radio

While you can familiarize yourself with your remote control car through its owner’s manual, getting familiar with its radio and how to operate the RC takes some time on the road. Most RC cars have two-channel radio equipment. Each of the channels has different functions associated with it. Often channel 1 does this with steering and channel 2 takes care of how to handle the turn.

Triggers are attached to the radio unit to control the forward and backward, left and right movement of the vehicle. To avoid possible interference, transmitters and receivers of radio equipment must be on the same frequency.

Take him out for a walk

after being introduced to remote controlled car and his radio, it’s time to hit the slopes. Bring your own remote controlled car on a track and drive it slowly around the track until you feel good control. Remember that the throttle is pressure controlled and you don’t need to accelerate to full throttle right away, just relax and take it easy. After a few laps, increase the oval until you understand how the throttle reacts and can control it.

Note these:

  • If a electric remote control car, keep the batteries (including spares) fully charged, and if it’s a nitro car, make sure you’re carrying the right amount of fuel. You don’t want the RC to stop halfway through the course.
  • Before you start driving in the main stage, make sure that you have completed adequate test drives and that all contacts are working perfectly. A mid-race repair can cost you the win.
  • A practice lap is important to double-check acceleration, brakes, steering, etc. It can also relax you to some extent and help you gain confidence.
  • Triggers are activated by pressure, and test spins can help you learn the amount of pressure you need to apply to your hands for a proper spin. Practice and experience get you to the top.

Getting used to conventions and controls is really hard work. It’s about taking your time on the track and slowly progressing.

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