Nomad raid 205 involves two limousines

One works in the restaurant business, the other in the garage. Car enthusiasts, two friends decided to go on a rally in the Sahara desert on board the 205 next February. But it’s the dimension of solidarity that draws them beyond the competition.

Twelve days from Hondarribia (Spain) to Marrakesh (Morocco). This is a challenge that 250 participants have accepted by signing up for 3e Nomad 205 rally release. Among them are Clément Aissaoui and Farouk Hatchan, two Limouxites aged 41 and 34, who are car enthusiasts.

The two friends pamper their car with a white 205, pretending not to have done any special preparation. Aboard the emblematic Peugeot, the 150 crew must cover an advertised 4,000 kilometers and complete 40 very specific stages. “This is a useless carFaruk Hatchan emphasizes. And then, whether it’s my generation or Clément’s generation, the 205 brings back good memories for all of us.” And for good reason: it would be the Peugeot 205 “The fourth best-selling French car in history”Referring to Nomad 205 Rally’s website, it is reported that the combat of “Team Phoenix” has undergone some changes necessary to advance in the middle of the Sahara desert. Timing, brakes, upgrades, tank shielding… “Our friend Cushands-Art made everythingClément Aissaoui emphasizes. He is a true enthusiast who does a great job.”

The eyes of the traveling companion light up. He waited for this adventure for a long time. “At first I wanted to participate in the 3rd racee Publication in 2021Clean custom, a Limoux company, shows the car builder of 11. But Covid intervened and delayed the departure.” Clément Aissaoui, he joined the adventure only this year. Like his friend, the manager of Chick’n.Co, a chicken restaurant in Limoux, is eager to get going.

Two bicycles and 20 kilos of solidarity equipment

“Of course, there is the sport and challenge side, but it is the social dimension that deceives us above all”, Faruk Hatchan notes. Indeed, there is no racing in Nomad raid 205. From the first edition of 2019, the organizers decided not to create a classification based on speed, but on their own orientation and driving. “On a 12-day adventure, the crews will have to face the Moroccan desert, find their way through the vastness of the Sahara using a log book and experience track driving from cobblestone roads to sand the organizers on the website of the competition. With all the obstacles that the desert can offer: valleys, fech-fech, gravel, sand pits, small hills… participants will have no choice but to help each other to get their Peugeot 205s to the finish line. arrival

Mutual assistance already felt before the race. “Crews who have already participated in previous releases give us lots of advice and tips on social media”Limouxin duo says. It bodes well for Nomad Raid 205, which has made solidarity one of its core principles. Because apart from discovering the Moroccan culture from Tangier to Morocco through the Berber tribes, the participants have a solidarity action as soon as they register. “Each crew must collect and transport two bicycles and 20 kilos of solidarity equipment, which will then be distributed to isolated villages in the desert.”states the site.

Promotion of Limoux through sponsors

Unobtainable bicycles: these must be old machines that the participants must repair to give to the children. The two wheels are truly theirs “Vehicle Only” scrutinize “A few kilometers to their school”. Like his competitors, Clément Aissaoui and Farouk Hatchan also therefore two bikes, as well “school accessories”Where “first aid kit”. “We have to think with the unions on the spot to find out their needs.”

The Fennecs Team is calling on all goodwill to fund the transformation costs of 205 and on-site costs. “We have applied to collaborate with many companies in Limoux. This would be a way to promote the city and show that there is solidarity here too. “, explain the two friends. For professionals and individuals who want to help, go to Chick’n.Co promenade du Tivoli and Clean customs 11 at ST Automobile.

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