List of French youth team coaches

Alain Contensoux (National Technical Director) and Jacques Commer (Performance Director and French Teams) announced the list of coaches who will lead the young French on the occasion of the FFBB Federal Bureau held in Paris on January 13. Teams for 2023 campaigns.

National youth selections 5X5
France U15 Thierry Moullec (F) Stanislas Hackward (M)
France U16 Arnaud Guppillotte (F) Nicholas Absalon (M)
France U18 Vincent Bourdeau (F) Frederick Krapez (M)
France U19 Julien Egloff (F) Laminate Kebe (M)
France U20 Elise Prodhomme (F) Guillaume Vizade (M)

Grigory Halinin women and Ruddy Nelhommeamong men, with Jacques Commeres remaining in charge of the technical coordination of the national selections.

YOUTH RACE 5X5 – 2023:
U15 Friendly Tournament – ​​July 14-16 – Greece
FIBA U16 European Championship – August 11-19 – Izmir (Turkey)
FIBA U18 Women’s European Championship – July 1-9 – Konya (Turkey)
FIBA U19 Women’s World Cup – July 15-23 – Madrid (Spain)
FIBA U20 Women’s European Championship – July 29 – August 6 – TBD

U15 Friendly Tournament – ​​July 14-16 – Greece
FIBA U16 European Championship – August 5-13 – Skopje (Macedonia)
FIBA U18 European Championship – July 22-30 – Nis (Serbia)
FIBA U19 World Cup – June 24 – July 2 – Debrecen (Hungary)
FIBA U20 European Championship – July 8-16 – Heraklion (Greece)

3X3 youth national selections

France U17 Sandra Dijon (F) Joffrey Sabard (M)
France U18 Alexandra Arena (F) Anthony Ployez (M)
France U21-U23 Charlene Collette (F) Sylvain Maurice (M)

World Cup – September 27 – October 1 – Lublin (Poland)
Nations League (Qualification) – July 10-16 – Voiron (France)
World Beach Games – August 5-12 – Bali (Indonesia)
Nations League Final – TBD – Mongolia
Nations League (Qualification) – July 10-16 – Voiron (France)
Nations League Final – TBD – Mongolia
World Cup – August 23-27 – Debrecen (Hungary)
EYOF (Qualif) – July 23-29 – Maribor (Slovenia)
Qualification for the European Cup – August 5-6 – Voiron
European Cup – to be determined

Alain Contensoux (National Technical Director):“In the summer of 2022, the junior French 5×5 teams won a record 5 international medals for the FFBB. France’s young 3×3 teams won 10 points. These results allow France to reach the world podium among young people. Training is at the heart of our mission and this place obliges us. In the constant search for performance improvement, at the request of the Federal Office, a long reflection was carried out as soon as the summer was released to analyze the evolutions of the game and respond to them in our technical directions. After this briefing, coaches were appointed to lead the 16 young national teams that will compete in the summer of 2023. With the same ambition: to compete for medals in all categories and to ensure the renewal of the French A teams. »

Jacques Comer (Director of Performance and French Teams): “In a bid to optimize performance, the FFBB has set new guidelines for building its technical staff in the summer of 2023. Several key elements guided our choices. Above all, a strong desire to open up to the professional sector. Then the continuation of the feminization process that started a few years ago. With the need for every coach to subscribe to the operational values ​​of our national selections and follow an educational and technical line inspired by the French A teams. The main goal of the National Technical Department remains the continuous improvement of coaches. and the level of play of the young French players, who we hope will find a suitable playing field to express their potential in the LFB, LF2, Pro B and Betclic Elite professional championships. »

Photo: Arnaud Guppillotte (FFBB)

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