Handball. JS Cherbourg ‘needs adjustments’ for rest of season

Edu Fernandez remains optimistic for the second half of the season at JS Cherbourg (Manche). (© La Presse de la Manche)

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News: At the beginning of January, you resumed training with a squad that underwent some changes. First, Lucas Cametal’s departure was announced…

Edu Fernandez: Lucas was requested by Saran, who asked him to leave. The club did not object and we quickly reached an agreement. It was also in the interest of the club as his performances were not as expected. We replaced it.

You first announced the arrival of Lucas Musi from Lanester (N1)…

EF: Yes, on paper we lose a Proliga player for an N1 player. But events cannot be viewed in this way. Lucas Musy has started the league with Lanester very well: he scores goals, can hold back and center half positions and defends. Full of desire, it breathes life into the workforce.

“Ruben Rio was a great hope for Spanish handball”

26-year-old Spaniard Ruben Rio also has support. What can you tell us about him?

EF: Ruben, that’s a bet. You should know that he was a bullion of Spanish handball, a left-hander, a world champion and hopefully a European champion. He played in Valladolid, tried his luck in Ivry, France, but two years ago he injured his knee. His injury lingered, he was treated badly and he was told that his career was almost over. He was unemployed at the start of the season. He called me and we agreed: ASC gave him everything he needed to “return” and if he was ready, he would play with us. It should be like this in the return phase. It’s a big opportunity for Cherbourg to have a player of this caliber, but we have to manage it so it doesn’t recur. He will also have pointers to find, but he is hungry for handball.

Gauthier Ivah also mentioned that he will leave for Limoges at the end of the season …

EF: It is worthy. After two years, it is normal for a goalkeeper of this level to want to play in the All-Star League at this age. Gauthier will continue to be “clean” with us until May. He will continue his development and career to the international level, I wish him that.

Do all these changes mean you’re disappointed with the squad at the start of the season?

EF: A coach must adapt to the workforce he has. I came to Cherbourg knowing it would be difficult. Compared to last year, three key players are gone (Vanegue, Orsted, Tike, Ed). There are many young people. Substitutes have become starters this season and being “number 1” is not the same as being responsible in front of 2,000 people. We had to tune up the team a bit this winter, we will continue. The management gives me the opportunity to choose and I thank them.

“Possibly an assistant to replace Jose Luis Villanueva”

How did you feel about the departure of your deputy Jose Luis Villanueva?

EF: First of all, I want to say that our relationship was good, there is respect between us. We worked together until mid-October, when he was on sick leave. I was more on tactics, and he was on group unity. But Jose Luis had come to Cherbourg with someone who was his friend (Frédéric Bougeant, editor’s note) and he decided to continue working with him (he signed Villeurbanne, editor’s note).

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Will you replace him?

EF: If someone asks my opinion, I answer yes. It is planned to expand the technical staff for the second part of the season. But we still need the approval of the leaders.

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