Unusual: this Breton is on the Croatian team at the European Beach Handball Championships

Yaël Boulet, licensed in Loudéac and originally from Ploërmel, is one of three Bretons who will power their beach handball teams at the European Beach Handball Championship in Zagreb, Croatia from January 20-22, 2023. ©Le Courrier Independent

“When the weather is good, we play on the beach, but in the winter in a covered room…” he explains Yael Bulet. This young man Ploermel (Morbihan), licensed in the handball club Loudeac (Côtes d’Armor) and memberTeam Brittany will participate in the European Championship one year beach handballwith … Croatian team !

Three Bretons with support from Zagreb in search of sponsors

More specifically, they will be two Bretons and a Breton womanEuropean Beach Handball Tour 2023this is the first step Prague In the Czech Republic, from Friday 20 January to Sunday 22 January 2023.

In addition to Yael Boulet, Alix Therene (originally from Ploermel who played for club du CJF Saint Malo HB) will be on this Croatian men’s team. And Celia Empinetlicensed in the club Brest Brittany HB and memberFrench women’s teamwill also be part of the Croatian women’s team.

So why do you play for a Croatian club?

We will strengthen the teams of BHC Zagreb, the world champion. Coelia had already helped them with the women’s team. The club was looking for boys, officials approached him and asked if he knew any players. I want to thank my club Loudéac for giving me the time to participate in this championship. This is my first international experience and it will also bring additional European experience to the Brittany team.

Yael Boulet

The European Beach Handball Tour (EBT) is a multi-stage tournament across Europe. There will be a scene after Prague Germanyin Poland also in France Ajaccio and Lacanau. The European Handball Federation will broadcast the championship matches on its online channel (ehf.tv) and other sites, which will unite 20 club teams (12 men, 8 women) tested by the European Handball Federation. Twitch.

Three Bretons are wanted sponsor to be able to finance their participation in the various stages of this European Championship (contact Yaël: 07 82 43 41 54).

What is beach handball?

Who says the beach, says sand, says coast. Here’s to the wonderful season. Otherwise indoors or under a big tent (as in Prague next week), always with sand. “We are spoiled in Britain the beach. With Brittany’s team, we were able to experience DinardIn Brest in 2022,” smiles Yaël Boulet.

Videos: currently on Actu

On the game side, the match is played 2 x 10 minutes ; A chain of players in a tournament like EBT 2023 4-5 matches a day.

To score a goal you have to do either a 360° while jumping or kung fu (a player throws the ball to us while jumping to score), it’s very intense, very fast and very competitive. But the beach remains sincere with its values. Beach handball is complemented by indoor handball on hard surfaces: we become more efficient, more determined, maintain our physical fitness in the summer and continue to compete both on hard surfaces and on sand.

Yael Boulet

France has regional and national teams for women and men. regional teams who can argue French Cup.

Some of them French clubs handball has a beach-handball division, but no French club championship. “He has been really developing for two years in the French clubs that can participate tournaments organized in each region or in the French stages of the EBT”, adds Yaël Boulet.

“Why don’t you think about going higher…”

A European calendar adds to an already busy sports schedule for Yael Boulet, with 15 years of handball to her credit (she started in her hometown of Ploërmel; nowAL Loudeac HB from last year). He plays in Loudéac, in his normal hand, in the reserve team of the ALLHB Regional Excellence ; and employeeTreaty of La Motte-Loudéac From September 2022.

In beach handball, the Brittany team will have a preparatory phase from March to May 2023; With the European stage and the French Cup (for regional teams) in June Lille From July 6 to 8, 2023.

He is already thinking about what will happen next: “Why not think about going higher… You can only learn with world champions. »

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