Tips for buying a used electric car

While manufacturers continue to offer more and more efficient electric vehicles, the availability of used cars is also increasing. A way to get a good deal on an electric car considering the prices offered on new cars. However, there are many points and precautions to consider before buying an electric car.

Why do you do electricity?

Many drivers are interested in switching to electricity. There are several interests in opting for an electric car, and various standards and government subsidies encourage people to go in that direction. Indeed, electric cars are now promoted for their practical advantages and lack of CO2 emissions. This is an aspect that should become mandatory for manufacturers from 2030. Electric cars do not emit greenhouse gases in circulation, on the other hand, it is still necessary to adjust to explain that car production is a polluter. Battery recycling is also still a problem, but these means of reducing air pollution are interesting.

Indeed, with the ZFE (Low Emission Zones) it will gradually become more difficult to circulate fuel-powered vehicles in major French cities. In addition, the government has established subsidies such as conversion bonus or environmental bonus to encourage or facilitate the transition to electric vehicles.

Help for buying an electric car

One of the brakes for electric motorists is the purchase price. Indeed, new electric cars can be relatively expensive. However, there are solutions, such as the environmental bonus, which rises to €7,000 at best in 2023. This may be supplemented by a conversion bonus in 2023, which also changes terms. The conversion bonus obviously depends on the car. there is one and it will be more interesting if it is old. On the other hand, if you are planning to trade in your car, you can also consider reselling your car for a good price. You can quickly check your car’s rating and thus get an attractive amount that will support your budget for buying a new car.

When it comes to buying used cars, there is also a used bonus of €1,000. These incentives then allow drivers to find a used electric vehicle at a more affordable price. You can then enjoy a more or less new car on a lower budget.

Procedures for a gray card

In order to support the purchase of electric cars, the government has not only provided assistance, but also simplified administrative procedures. For several years now, it is not possible to apply for a gray card in the prefectures. Today, the approach is decentralized as it can be done directly online or at an alternative site to ANTS (National Agency for Secure Titles).

The process is simpler than before and you can get your car registration document or make a transfer or change of address declaration more conveniently. You only need to fill out the forms and you get valuable sesame seeds in a few days.

Shop second hand safely

When buying a used car, you still need to take a few precautions to ensure the quality of the product. We are talking about a vehicle and a lot of money, so you should check the car before you buy it. To avoid any problems, you should follow some recommendations.

Always look before you buy

This seems pretty logical, but when shopping used, you should always see the product before you buy it. It is more important for a car, it is important not to think about paying before seeing the car or even testing it. This is too big a purchase to fully trust the seller. Moreover, if the seller is honest, he will see no problem that you prefer to see the car and test drive it before even talking about buying it.

Carry out a technical inspection of the vehicle

Even if the car looks in good condition, you should be very careful. It is recommended to carefully walk around the vehicle to note the presence of impacts or damage not noted by the seller. It’s also a good idea to check the interior of the car and take the car for a spin to make sure everything is in order, such as the engine or brakes.

Request all necessary documents

To ensure that this is in order and to get the maximum information about the car, you should ask to see all the documents. Obviously, this applies to the gray card, but also, for example, to the maintenance book. You can also check the history of a vehicle by requesting information through HistoVec, a government platform that provides a complete report on the vehicle’s condition and history. It’s a request to the seller to fill in the information, but it has everything to gain because it allows you to be transparent and centralize everything.

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