iPhone 14 clone for less than 100 euros

iPhone 14 inspires unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers who do not hesitate to openly copy Apple’s flagship phone. Proof with the i14 Pro Max, a clone of the high-end model, sold for under 100 euros.

Are you dreaming of an iPhone 14 but can’t afford the latest and most expensive smartphone from Apple? Do not worry ! If it’s only the style of this beautiful toy that attracts you – yes, for some, looks and the resulting social status are more important than others… – you can be perfectly fooled with the i14 Pro Max, a Chinese smartphone. As a twin to Apple’s top-of-the-line model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But it sells for 100 euros, or less than 5% of Apple’s official price for an “equivalent configuration”! No joke: this phone actually exists. It can be found on Asian sites like AliExpress, at several retailers, under different brands, with varying features and prices… and it’s pretty fantastic.

i14 Pro Max: Almost the same design as the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Of course, even if it is clearly inspired – we can even say without shame – this phone has nothing to do with the real iPhone 14! It “just” takes on its appearance, copying its design down to the smallest details, or almost: a metal body with flat sides and rounded corners, a very large 6.8-inch screen with a bubble that imitates the famous Apple Speaker Island, three optical photos blocks arranged in a triangle on the back for the partition… Of course, Apple brand loyalists will quickly notice a few small differences, and the famous logo is missing on the back – but we should be able to find a sticker. perfect the illusion, but at first glance it really seems like that!

The worst thing is that the features put forward by these unscrupulous sellers are particularly attractive: depending on the version and versions offered, the Li14 Pro Max has a screen with a resolution of 3088 x 2520 or 3200 x 2280 pixels, 6800 or even 8000 mAh. battery, 48 + 64 or 48 + 108 Mpx photo modules, 12 or 16 GB of RAM, 256-1 TB of memory, all 10-core Qualcomm 888+ processor, fingerprint reader placed under the board, system with infrared facial recognition system, two Drawer for SIM card and memory card etc. And of course 5G fits! A really impressive spec sheet, especially for a phone under €100, shipping included in France!

Let’s be clear: there’s little chance the device will deliver on all its incredible promises. It’s not even certain that it works properly for basic needs. It is evidenced by the angry opinions of some buyers, which are contradicted by comments that are too enthusiastic to be true. Even very big Chinese brands like Xiaomi or Realme, who are used to tightening prices, cannot offer well-equipped smartphones in this price range.

The brand of this amazing clone – Landvo? – not emphasized. Neither does the operating system. Android is not mentioned anywhere. This indicates that this model, like many versions and other Chinese smartphones, runs on a modified version of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), which replaces Google services with certain Chinese manufacturers after the American sanctions against Huawei. A replacement that is not illegal and works quite well in China as found in many mobile phones now. But I’m not sure if it’s suitable for European users who are tempted by this kind of clone!

Pebble Cosmos: Apple Watch Ultra clone for €45

As you understand, if you don’t want to parade around the terrace of a cafe with an obvious pseudo-iPhone 14 – or if you don’t want to make a bad joke by offering it to a very dear friend … – we advise you not to buy this clone, it may even struggle to serve as a current phone . This is certainly not the first time – and certainly not the last – that Asian manufacturers have made copies – even “inspired” by fake products such as fake Rollex, which is not the case here. But we have to admit that i14 Pro Max breaks illusory records! While we’re talking about imitations, there are also great Apple Watch replicas on the net, such as the Pebble Cosmos, which looks like the Apple Watch Ultra and costs… 45 in India. euro! When is Mardi Gras already?

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