Bizarrap and Shakira: the success formula of the most listened-to Argentinian artist in the world, who caused a sensation with his new song performed by the Colombian artist.

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She often wears the same outfit: dark glasses, a hat that covers her forehead, tracksuits, and sometimes black nail polish. It seems that Bizarrap wants to stay out of the spotlight, although this may just be a marketing strategy, given the global fame he enjoys.

What is undeniable is that the 24-year-old producer and DJ was the most listened-to Argentinian in the world on the Spotify platform in 2022 (he reached the 49th position globally) and became a benchmark in terms of urban music.

His story is similar to the story of many other trap, hip-hop and reggaeton artists: a neighborhood “kid” who learned to make music on his own and with his own resources, who was first ignored by the press and is now adored by many.

And while it reads like a rehash of autobiography, it certainly doesn’t take away from his accomplishments. He has high profile collaborations and figures.

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