This very practical electric car should become the best friend of young parents

The Chinese brand Arcfox, a subsidiary of the BAIC group, presents the Kaola, an electric car that will delight new parents. Designed for babies, this car is equipped with many features that guarantee comfort and safety for the whole family.

When a family grows, there is always a real panic. And in general, it’s time to change the car in favor of a wider model to carry the baby’s things and be able to install it in the back more easily. However, although there is a lot of offer on the market today, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Now a Chinese brand is coming up with a new model that could change the game.

A minivan designed for babies

Baptized Kaola (and not Koala), this minivan was presented by Arcfox, a still unknown manufacturer of the Chinese BAIC group, which has several joint ventures with Hyundai and Mercedes in particular. Very different from the other models in the series, i.e. αS and αT, this new arrival plays the party card with styling that makes it look like a real toy.

Showcasing the fake airs of the Volkswagen ID.3, the electric van adopts clean and aerodynamic lines, with door handles integrated into the body and a full radiator grille. also pay attention to its presence rims designed to reduce air resistance, even if Cx is not currently detected by the manufacturer. But if at first glance this car looks quite ordinary, you need to look at the doors to see a little sophistication.

Indeed, if the driver’s side is equipped with conventional hinged doors, thisThere is a sliding door on the passenger side can be opened without hands. Thus, access to the rear seats is easier to place the baby in its seat. Plus and as explained Car news Chinaa sensor detects parents’ arrival and automatically opens the door, while the rear seat swivels for easy installation.

While most brands are at war with SUV convertibles like the Aehra with the biggest screen, this is not the case with the Arcfox Kaola. Indeed, almost no description of the dashboard is shown, and the manufacturer is happy to note big screen to watch the kids behind also to photograph them. The infotainment system is also equipped with an integrated calendar, which allows you to record all medical appointments, especially for mother and baby.

Many sensors monitor and allow the latter to sleep modulate the air conditioning and audio system, his voice can only be sent to the front while sleeping. Conversely, if the little ones are restless, the car plays soothing music and adjusts the brightness. Newborn babies also fit comfortably in a child seat made to size for the car. Finally, a sensor can detect when the diaper is full, venting air to limit bad odors.

Practical features

Of course, parents also benefit from multiple storage spaces a place to install four bottles. After that, the temperature can be controlled directly through the smartphone. The new Kaola also incorporates a changing table and curtains that allow the mother to breastfeed discreetly. Finally, the passenger seat can be reclined 180 degrees for the latter to relax.

The car is equipped with an air conditioning system to filter out germs, bacteria and pollen, as well as integrated UV lamps that kill viruses on surfaces. Finally, the curtain airbag is specially designed for the safety of newborns thanks to its larger volume.

On the other hand, no information has yet been given by Arcfox regarding the dimensions and especially the luggage volume. The Chinese company did not disclose the technical characteristics of the minivan. with an electric motor. If it is not yet known when it will go on sale, of course the Chinese market will be served as a priority.

However, it is not ruled out that Kaola will come to Europe one day, while more and more Asian brands are coming here. This is especially true of VinFast, BYD, Nio or even XPeng, not to mention MG, which should find a good place with the MG 4, a direct competitor of the Renault Mégane E-Tech.

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