So where is Europe?

Euro NCAP, which annually tightens its assessment criteria, has published a new edition of the “Best in Class” rating, which determines the car that achieved the best results in each category during the previous year. The security testing organization states that raw results cannot be compared from one category to another. Apart from Hyundai, no manufacturer operating in Europe for more than fifteen years is included in this rating.. Even worse, no European manufacturers are mentioned. And among the five named cars, only three groups are represented. In addition, only one model of this “top 5” is not 100% electric: it is a rechargeable hybrid. Finally, if the table refers to only five market segments, it is because the number of models tested in the other categories is too small. So there is no city car, no sports car, and, for example, a minivan, while never before have so many cars been tested in one year. If you need a shocking insight into market trends, here’s one.

Tesla Model S received the highest rating of Euro NCAP for 2022.© Euro NCAP

At 10 years old, the Tesla Model S still delivers

Either way, Tesla looks to be the big winner in Euro NCAP’s 2022 ratings. The latest evolution, the Model S, a new restyling of this model launched in 2012, received the highest overall score. and won the title of the safest car in the categories of prestige cars and electric models. It especially shined with its active safety systems (help and warnings), which scored 98%. But the protection of adults and children is not forgotten with 94% and 91% respectively. The protection offered to pedestrians during an impact is rated at 85%. The Hyundai Ioniq 6, which is about the same size as the Tesla Model S, is less powerful and cheaper, and therefore does not fall into the same category in crash tests. The Korean was awarded in the category of large family cars with a score of 97% for adults.87% for children, 66% for pedestrians and 90% active safety.

Tesla Model Y, in turn, outperformed its competitors in the small SUV category (according to Euro NCAP criteria) with 97% for adults and 87% for children, as well as 82% for pedestrians and 98% for active safety systems.

A double whammy for Chinese group Great Wall

Another manufacturer whose image in Europe could benefit significantly from Euro NCAP’s “Best in Class” for 2022: Chinese group Great Wall. The latter is in full rollout on the Old Continent with the Wey and GWM Ora brands, both of which have won awards. Thus, the Wey Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid won the large SUV category with a score of 91%. for adults, 87% for children, 79% for pedestrians and 94% for active safety. Euro NCAP notes that this Asian mastodon is closely followed by another Japanese mastodon: the Lexus RX, in general, fared little better.

Another category that Great Wall won: the small family car category with the compact electric GWM Ora Funky Cat. The latter achieved 92% in adult protection, 83% in child protection, 74% in pedestrian protection and 93% in active safety.

Active safety competition

As we have mentioned many times,The Euro NCAP rating gives an increasing place to electronic safety devices, even if it means that some cars get bad ratings. while their internal security is at a competitive level in the event of an impact. However, new entrants to the European market such as Tesla (compared to historical brands) and Great Wall are ahead of the older manufacturers in terms of sensors, software and connectivity. Understanding the importance of getting a good Euro NCAP rating in terms of image, they pay attention to this aspect in their cars intended for Europe. At 55 years old, South Korea’s Hyundai clearly manages to adapt. However, while awaiting future protocols announced by Euro NCAP that may be fairer, European manufacturers are left behind here.

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