Mobility in the ë-Comfort class

Posted January 12, 2023, 10:01 am

Innovation and comfort: the two pillars on which Citroën builds its identity and the established standards that apply to the entire automotive industry. At a time when the sector is experiencing the most radical transformation in its history – both in terms of use and technologies – the Chevron brand continues to play the pioneers without straying from the path to success: creating cars that make you feel. good.

Above all, pragmatism

Alexandre Cazeaux, head of the C5 X project, analyzes: “The concept of well-being, one of the first selection criteria for professionals and individuals, is not limited to driving comfort, even if it remains important.” The reason why Citroën presents its Advanced Comfort approach with a 360-degree vision that approaches comfort on a global scale. This allows us to work together on all aspects of comfort with its physical and mental dimensions, to create cars that meet current expectations: perfectly isolated from external concerns, pleasant to live in and easy for daily use, “he said. . `
His pragmatic approach allows Citroën to differentiate itself without succumbing to the sirens of technological improvement, which results in ultra-high-tech cars that are too complicated to use. “We make sure to put the right technology in the right place, focusing on what will be useful on a day-to-day basis for the well-being of all passengers. For professionals and fleet managers, the “efficient comfort” of Citroëns is certainly the argument of choice.

The best in the world

The new C5 X perfectly demonstrates Citroen’s approach to innovation. Combining the practicality of a wagon with the high stance of an SUV and the spaciousness of a sedan, the designers of this high-end grand tourer have brought together the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and style. . The Citroën Advanced Comfort active suspension, which combines Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® with active and individual control of each shock absorber, allows the New C5 X to adapt to the road profile. The different foam densities of the seats provide softness and support for long-distance travel. Acoustic glasses isolate residents from outside noise. “The new C5 X is a real cocoon. That’s exactly what we’re looking for in a Citroën: its ability to filter out and erase road imperfections. »

With generous interior space, intelligent storage and accessible controls with intuitive use, life on board is not without pleasure: “The central Citroën Drive Plus touchscreen is modeled on smartphones with customizable and easy-to-use apps and widgets. » The connection of the platform and the ergonomics of the spaces also allow turning the car into a real mobile office.

Technology is at the service of driving and well-being

Without intrusive, ubiquitous technology makes use more fluid and eases the mental burden. Among the many driving and user aids, the new Extended Head-Up Display – The extended color windshield head-up display projects all useful information directly onto the windshield in the driver’s field of vision, the equivalent of a 21-inch virtual screen projected at 4. meter. The electric charge management of the plug-in hybrid version can be controlled remotely from the My Citroën mobile app. It can also be programmed remotely for the heating and air conditioning (heating and air conditioning) of the passenger compartment, which contributes to the well-being of the driver and passengers. “The new C5 X benefits from Citroën’s best know-how, making it the most efficient car in its category in terms of comfort,” concludes Alexandre Cazeaux. “The best way to find out is to test drive it at a dealership. We also frequently arrange meetings with fleet managers. And their opinions are unanimous! In gasoline or plug-in hybrid version, the New C5 X combines mobility with ease.

*Source: Vehicle fleets of legal entities, study by the High Commission for Sustainable Development. August 2019.

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