Jaylen Brown, the most underrated player in the NBA today?

Jaylen Brown had another big game last night to lead the Celtics to a win against the Pelicans with 41 points. But the other Jay from Boston doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves in Jayson Tatum’s shadow. Can we just say that JB is the most overrated player in the NBA right now?

Undervalued: giving someone or something a lower value than they actually have.

The definition of “dropped” is very clear and fits well with Jaylen Brown this season. with 27.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.1 steals on almost 50% shooting, JB has superstar stats. Despite a collective record of 30 wins to 12 losses, he contributes to the best NBA record. Despite its offensive impact and defensive ability, it is part of its category two-way players Strong in the Big League. Wearing a Celtics jersey, he represents his legendary franchise. In other words, Brown is doing his best to get the recognition he deserves.

If he is not.

In various MVP rankings, he’s rarely in the Top 10, despite checking a lot of boxes. And in his first All-Star Game voting return, he finished just eighth in the Eastern Conference, fourth among guards behind Kyrie Irving, Donovan Mitchell and James Harden. Another indicator of popularity is the sales of jerseys that Brown was not part of the NBA’s Top 15, if the numbers reported at the end of last season are to be believed.

“I’ll pick Jaylen “worthless” Brown of the Boston Celtics.”

– LeBron James at last year’s All-Star Game Draft

So the obvious question we can ask ourselves is: why?

The main reason is that he has evolved in the shadow of Jayson Tatum. The latter – rightfully so – is one of the big favorites for the title of MVP of the 2022-23 season and obviously takes a lot of light. In addition, he has a more technically perfect, more fluid, more complete and therefore definitely brighter game compared to JT Brown, even if the latter can put on a show by throwing big toms. It doesn’t work in his favor that JB is seen globally as the lieutenant of an MVP candidate, and that his basketball may not be as elegant or spectacular as other big names in the NBA.

Jaylen Brown isn’t one to show off either thinking about his individual performances. JB, he’s more of the show-it-at-work, do-whatever-then-go-home kind of confidence that characterizes him. Because even if the individual awards are good, winning as a team is even better. When we look at the Celtics today, we get the impression that we are in front of a collective steamer rather than a team in which the Tatum-Brown pair moves skillfully.

All of these factors are a big part of why Jaylen Brown isn’t as valued as he should be.

“Jaylen Brown is underrated. He is not respected enough. It’s about a guy who puts up 25 points every night, connects on baskets, plays on both ends of the floor. What else does he have to do to earn the respect of the whole world and be considered a young superstar?”

– Kendrick Perkins, NBA consultant ESPN

Is Jaylen Brown the most overrated player in the NBA?

Given his very high current level, the leadership he’s already shown on this Boston team, and the improvements he’s shown in various aspects of his game over the past few seasons, we could clearly argue that way.

Recently, request Today, it was done appropriately by several NBA reporters regarding the most underrated player in the Major Leagues. The results? Tyrese Haliburton was No. 1 with 13%, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was No. 2 with 10%, and Brook Lopez and Domantas Sabonis were No. 3 with 7%. On the other hand, there is no sign of Jaylen Brown in the Top 5.

Even there they don’t appreciate him…

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