Inter-Divisional Women’s U15: Saint-Dizier basketball dominates Champagne basketball

Women’s pre-regional

La Fertonne Fère-Champenoise beat Saint-Dizier 70-44.

Saint Dizier. The Bragards started the year badly with a home defeat to La Fertonne Fère-Champenoise.

The start is not good for the girls of Gregory Bouchereau, who scored fourteen (6-14) points in Marnaises. The visitors dominated and chained baskets while SDB managed only nine points again by Mairam Ndao (5) and Sofia Bouras (4). St. Dizier leads 36-15 at halftime.

In the second half, Filipino Hakwart’s teammates resisted, but they lost by three points (23-47). The last quarter was productive, with two Sofia Bouras and a Soro Ndao three-pointer. In the end, SDB falls (44-70).

Men’s pre-regional

Coeurlequin beat Saint-Dizier “2” 73-60

Creney-pres-Troyes. Bragard lost the reserve force in the Dolphin Coeurlequin at Aube. The first quarter is busy. Despite two three-point shots by Sebastien Villani and Florian Petitjean, the visitors were outnumbered (17-16).

The next ten minutes are more difficult for Benyamin Djaith’s teammates and eleven points separate the two teams at the break (38-27).

At the restart, Sebastien Villani and Alexandre Forgeard scored baskets, but Coeurlequin increased its lead (56-42). With the baskets of Sebastien Villani and Karim Mokhnache, Laurent Le Gall, Alexandre Forgeard and Benyamin Djaith, Bragards, carrying the fifth successful three-point shot, won the last quarter for honor (73-60).

U15 male division 10/52

Trojan energy defeats Saint-Dizier basketball 90-32

Troyes. Bragards suffered a heavy defeat in Aube in the first match of the second round. The Trojans led from the first quarter against captain Sami Ait Gogam’s teammates (19-10).

SDB fights back and registers only three baskets in the next ten minutes while passing twenty-four points (43-16) by Zyad Guitouni, Mohamed-Amine Bouras and Anis Arslane.

At the restart, Timeo Kolp’s partners continue to suffer (66-27). Simon Michelet and his group collapsed in the last quarter (90-32).

Inter Divisional Female U15

Saint-Dizier basketball defeated Champagne women’s basketball 60-29

Saint Dizier. Bragardes ideally started 2023 with convincing success at home. Carried by the baskets of Clara Monin and Noremene Oucheikh, the local team went away in the first quarter (13-4).

The second quarter was more intense and Dimitri Moni’s girls surrendered (25-18) despite Zineb Bouras’ six points and Noremene Oucheikh’s four points.

On the restart, SDB regained its flight, especially thanks to six points from Clara Monin and six from Zineb Bouras (40-25). The last quarter is just a formality for Bragardes, who won with eleven new points for Clara Monin (60-29).

U13 department 10/52 chicken D

Sainte-Savine defeated Saint-Dizier basketball 60-30

SSaint Dizier. Bragards lost in the last match of the first stage against the undisputed leader St. Sevin and finished in the second place.

The Aubois team, led by Augustin Kack-Kack-Martin, who scored 32 points of the game, showed an immediate advantage in the first quarter (3-20). Ilan Bouchereau scored seven points in the second quarter, but Sainte-Savine was clearly on top (12-41).

After the break, the game becomes less productive. Yohanes Villani’s teammates won the quarter (20-47). Basil Michelet and his gang are evenly matched in the last ten minutes, but logically lose (30-60).

Program for January 14 and 15

Pmale nationalist
Cormontreuil “2” – Saint Dizier : Saturday 17.15, gym. Peace.
Men’s Regional D2
Dombasle- ECAC : Sunday at 3:30 p.m., Salle Roger-Boileau.
Women’s pre-regional
ECAC – E. Troyenne: Sunday at 3:00 p.m., gym. Lionel Meunier.
Men’s pre-regional
Saint Dizier “2” – Friends BT: Friday 21:00, gym. Luis Ortiz.
Female pre-regions 51/52
Saint Dizier – Champagne basket: Saturday 18:30, gym. Anne Frank.
Regional Men U17
Bar-le-Duc – ECAC : Saturday 16:00, Salle Jean-Paul-Beugnot.
U17 male division 10/52
Sainte Savine – ECAC “2” : Saturday 17:00, gym. Volbart.
U15 male division 10/52 pool B
ECAC – Saint-André-les-Vergers “2”: Sunday 10 a.m., gym. Lionel Meunier.
Saint Dizier – Sainte-Savine: Saturday 16:00, gym. Anne Frank.
Inter Divisional Female U15 51/52
Greater Reims – Saint Dizier: Saturday 3:00 p.m., gym. Reims Arena.

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