Gérard Bonnabaud, other president – Roanne (42300)

Sometimes luck makes things good. If one of Gerard Bonnabaud’s friends had told him when he was young that he would spend more than 30 years at the basketball club, he would never have believed it. Again, this is what happened to him. ” I have a special course because I have never played basketball “, Gerard Bonnabaud admits. “Basically, I am a former football player. I used to play with my friends in small towns. My daughter started playing basketball at Riorges and my neighbor was Mike Gonsalves (former leader of the Chorale). It was he who invited me to competitions and discovered this sport. »

“We want them to be professional”

Since 1992, the native of Neuilly-en-Donjon (Allier) has worked first as treasurer before becoming head of the Chorale association. 1er In April 2010, he found himself the president of the association, who played as a central striker in football. “When Gerard Blanc started building a new team, they approached me. »

Golf enthusiast, aviation…

His role was then to set up the office and make Roan one of the main training centers for young basketball players. with A desire to give Roannais players a chance. “We really focus on that because we want them to be professional. The highest level is when they manage to serve as sparring partners of a large team. »

The association will also select hopefuls for the orange ball outside of Ligerian territoryno. “To recruit a good player, you have to be very technical and skilled. It’s not my job, I don’t know if it will pass,” admits this passionate golfer.

That’s how he saw players like Marc-Antoine Pellin, Adrien Moerman and even Guerschon Yabusele. “I took the last one by accident. No club wanted him and he was with us. He was a great player but a bit ‘unmanageable’. He was not interested in school, but he had an innate talent for basketball. “If Guerschon Yabusele is one of the players who mentions Gerard Bonnbaud the most, his relationship with (former club player) Jean-Paul Besson is even stronger. “My wife Annie and I consider him a member of our family. He’s a good guy I’ve come to know, and his human side is incredible. »

former bank employee

Over time, the 73-year-old began to love this sport. “What strikes me is that nothing is won in advance. Even if we lead by 20 points. He even makes frequent trips to Saint-Chamond and Vichy to watch these two neighboring teams play. “These are the clubs I admire. »

Along with basketball and golf, this former banker, who came to Roanne in 1972, appreciates anything that happens in the air.. Be it aviation, gliding or skydiving. These activities are part of his life even if he can no longer participate today. “In 1996, I had health problems that led to my license being revoked. I can only take the place of co-pilot. I miss you so much, but we do it anyway… »

“I will stay close to the club”

Gérard Bonnabaud will also leave the post of president of the Chorale association on March 31.. “I quit my job because of health problems and because of my age. We have to make room for young people. But whatever happens, I will stay close to the club and lend a helping hand if needed. The father of two daughters and five grandchildren assures us that the post of president is pleasant, but not free from difficulties. ” I will leave with no regrets or regrets. I am happy to work with everyone and I am proud of what we have put in place: housing for young people, some of which may be paid… They have always supported me and I am grateful for that. I put choral art before my personal life, it must not have been easy for my wife. 31 years ending on March 31st is a short jump… he smiles.

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