Cambodia is the 1st country in the world to offer a zero-carbon car factory

If Europe voted on October 27 to ban thermal vehicles from 2030, Yann Vaudin, a Frenchman living in Cambodia since 2013 and the founder of Voltra Motors, did not expect to offer the kingdom’s first electric scooters and be the leader in 100. % electric two-wheelers from 2019, in their new country.

Today, it goes even further by declaring that it has built the world’s only zero-carbon car factory. And 2023 is off to a good start with the release of the latest model.

2 wheels: A central environmental problem in Cambodia

A favorite mode of transportation for Cambodians, the gasoline-powered scooter is ubiquitous in Cambodia, where it is responsible for massive greenhouse gas emissions (1.7 million motorcycles in Phnom Penh, which emit more than three million tons of CO2 each year). Frenchman Yann Vaudin immediately saw the potential to launch a raison d’être for the country, developing the first electric bicycle scooter produced in the kingdom. Since then, the adventure continues and continues to offer something better with different models.

It also took three years to develop the first model of an electric scooter. Voltra Motors had to adapt to Cambodia’s tropical climate, using specially adapted screws and paint to withstand the humidity and monsoon rains. But the biggest challenge was to succeed in offering an affordable electric car while remaining demanding in terms of quality. With a price of $1590, a range of 115 km, a cost of $0.3 per 100 km, two years of insurance offered thanks to the partnership and the lowest interest rate in the Cambodian market, Voltra beats the competition. Honda and Yamaha 110cc are $1800 which is about $2 per 100km. Not to mention bank benefits and insurance.

The latest model is just out. More efficient, has no competitors in the Thai and Vietnamese markets. After the plant’s production goes well, its target markets.

Already a market leader with Cambodia, with prestigious clients such as the Ministry of Transport, the United Nations, Smart Axiata or the French Development Agency, 2023 promises to be important with the launch of this famous factory. .

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