Basketball – N1: Saint-Thomas cannot be seen without Thomas

American Fred Thomas is a rare bird in the National 1, a winger who is capable of scoring as well as many other things, including defense. An important thing that STB wants to expand on.

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He did the trick against Rochelais (Pro B) in mid-October in the 32nd final of the French Cup, defeating 2’7 from the gong (81-82). He did it again on Friday against the Cergy-Pontoise Spartans (75-78), who were decimated by Fred Thomas’ big shot over the mermaid. “This is what is written in the brochure.his trainer Fabrice Courcier informs. Fred has both emotional stability and physical strength, as well as the ability to inherit such shots. These shots are usually for Valentine’s Day (Big) or him. »

“I always liked to winsays the American. Some players will start to doubt if they miss them. I say to myself: ”It doesn’t matter, I’ll be back next time.” I missed the last one in Feurs (92-86, ap, October 22) and that didn’t stop me from doing it. » Adding another line to an already long list of reasons why this polymorphic wing player is capable of ticking all the boxes (16 pts, 4.3 rbds, 2.9 pd, 1.8 int, 0.9 center, 16.7 rpg 35 min). Opponents in a duel, it looks like a great pickaxe. A lucky bet from the Hervé Coudray/Rudy Sévi duo.

“His buffalo side fooled us”

“Fred was one of three US wingers we selected from sixty players offered by agents such as former Caennais Bracy-Davis. (finally went to Austria), says the club’s number one. A fast-running, high-jumping and solidly-defended buffalo side deceived us. We have seen foreigners betting on a pair (Paul Carter – Jarraun Burrows) didn’t offer absolute guarantees, so we thought it might be worth taking a little more risk. »

Knowing that Fred Thomas is about 35% cheaper than Paul Carter, the kick, as far as value goes. For generations, the 29-year-old has only featured in second or third-tier championships so far: Slovenia, Norway, Great Britain and Portugal last season. “I have never had a better opportunitySummarizes Jackson’s hometown in Mississippi. My speeches in England (17.5 points / 6.4 rebounds) It could have opened doors for me, but I had a wrist injury (tear of scapholunate ligament, late 2019) forced me to start from scratch…”

“My goal is to play at least in Pro B”

described as “good fellow” and one “Exemplary Professional” It won’t take long for Fred Thomas to put Fabrice Courcier in his pocket by his teammates. “He’s an easy player to coach… He can play almost any 1, 2, 3 or 4 position. His attitude is team-oriented, which is rare for a player as talented as him. Even when they scored only 2 points like against Caen (99-71, Dec. 20), so precious that I leave him on the field for 38 minutes. » And an average of 35 minutes, the highest playing time in the division.

So important that Thomist leaders have already begun discussions to extend his contract beyond the current fiscal year. “My goal is to play at least in Pro B”Based in Houston, Texas on the Old Continent, the player declares that his other dearest dream is to finally live with his partner and three children. “If I stay in France, they will join me…”

Saint-Thomas v Feurs, Friday 13 January 2023 (20:00) at Docks Océane

STB is in no rush with Var

If Mickaël Var’s MRI confirms that he is only suffering from a “simple” knee sprain, St Thomas will be in no rush to return to domestic competition as the next fixtures (Feurs, Lyon, Besançon, Boulogne) are not certain. important for the future. “The key is to have Andrézieux, Mulhouse, Orchies for the sequence”Fabrice Courcier confirms.

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