ART SG 2023: Art Love with a Capital A!

The 1st edition of the ART SG international exhibition is currently being held at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Center until Sunday evening. A spectacular and exclusive event with the participation of more than 150 world-renowned art galleries… A must-visit this weekend!

ART SG is the largest contemporary art fair ever held in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the new unmissable event for collectors and art lovers in the area. UBS, a Swiss bank for wealth management and various financial services, is the founder and main partner of the ART SG exhibition.

Already active in the world of art as well as the world of luxury, Singapore was chosen to host this new major event. The country was indeed considered the most dynamic, safe and connected country.

At the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, with the size of its port, airport, overall infrastructure, economic growth rate and importance of banking, Singapore therefore continues to stand out.

Thus, becoming an undeniable center of wealth, Singapore takes its place in the international art market.

A prestigious fair that thinks big!

More than 150 galleries from all over the world came to present their selected works. Many are internationally renowned, such as the Albertz Benda gallery in New York. The French are also there, for example, the Perrotin gallery established in Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai.

Flower Parent and Child by Takashi Murakami – Perrotin Gallery / Warrior Devon DeJardin – Albertz Benda Gallery

Over 1000 artists’ works are presented on 2 floors, it’s amazing!

The location is strategic for Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is a reference and symbolic place. The booths are designed so that you can appreciate your time and work. And they’re spacious enough to accommodate large formats and custom installations like this Sam Jinks sculpture of a Seated Woman in Silicone. Stunning realism!

statue sculpture

Seated Woman in Silicon by Sam Jinks – Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery

The stands are divided into 6 parts:

Galleries : This is the central area occupied by major international and regional galleries.

Futures : These are spaces dedicated to young galleries with works created for this fair.

Platform : Provides facilities specific to the exhibition area.

Focus : Dedicated to galleries offering the work of solo or duo artists on specific themes.

Reframe : This area is reserved for digital art, including digital painting, animation, augmented or virtual reality, and non-tradable tokens (NFT).

Movie : Presents new cinematic experiences and experimental films.

We are not talking about empty space showcase » NEW/NOW. Offers art for sale under $10,000.

Discover our favourites…

All sectors of expression are covered: painting, photography, sculpture, installation, film and digital. Over 1000 artists… Some of them are well known and quoted, others are emerging.

It is impossible for us to choose. That’s why we suggest you discover one of our favorites.

Among the star artists, “Nike” by Jeff Koons caught our attention. At first glance, one wonders why the artist hung simple sneakers on the wall. The artistic dimension of the work makes sense when we discover that they are made entirely of bronze.

sports shoes

Nike Sneakers by Jeff Koons polychrome bronze- at Pace Gallery

Among digital art, Tristan Lim’s work consists of blending, pixelating, altering, linking the faces of men and women. Themes are taken from commercial television. It shows the importance of the body and identity in relation to the digital.

Hollowing, Conversation video by Tristan Lim – The Columns Gallery

Among Singaporean galleries and artists, we loved the work of Sue Gray and Aisha Rosli.

South African artist Sue Gray presents Bottle No. 21 at the NEW/NOW Showcase. Hyperreal glasses painted by Sue Gray come in different sizes, colors, materials, contents. He chose them for their beauty and uniqueness. It is the same for humans. Despite our physical differences, cultures and thoughts, we are all human. Bottle number 21 represents a bottle of Coca-Cola imported from Japan. A universally recognized feminine and universal bottle.

Coke bottle

Bottle #21 by Sue Gray – Art Porters Gallery Singapore

Although Aisha Rosli’s painting is figurative, it contains a large part of psychology. Indeed, he transfers the thoughts of women in certain circumstances to his paintings. The use of blue on the body of the heroes evokes calmness, love, and at the same time emphasizes the pain felt.


Aisha Rosli – CuturiGallery Singapore – © CuturiGallery

ART SG is the opening of the largest art exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This fair is already a major annual event for Singapore. It clearly strengthens its position in the art market. So, whether it’s for the love of art or to form your own opinion on the subject, don’t miss this first edition!

You can get your tickets and all additional information at ART SG

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